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Review – Nonagon – People Live Everywhere

Here’s a nice little surprise that popped up in the inbox recently. The band is local to these parts. They are Nonagon from Chicago, IL. They have a nifty little EP released a short time ago called People Live Everywhere. The album has that nice Midwest flavor to it. It’s pretty symbolic of a lot of independent music that comes out of Chicago. It’s hard rock with lots of punk influence. I do hear a bit of a Primus influence in there, I’m not quite sure why though. It’s not a Primus sounding album though so don’t get your hopes up. One other thing I like about this EP is that it’s consistent. The sound is consistent from song to song. It’s not that each song sounds the same, they don’t, they just have a cool style and sound that they stick to throughout. It’s one constant rock album and not broken up by slow songs thrown in the mix. Some bands need to change up styles from song to song to keep an album interesting. Nonagon doesn’t in this case.

This EP has my seal of approval on it and I think that after you listen to it, you will see for yourself why. The Ep is short clocking in at about 16 minutes, perfect for the drive to work, the store or you need a quick little pick me up. If you’re into the whole “wax” thing, you can get this great EP on 180gm vinyl. Be one of the cool kids and be one of 300 to get one. If you don’t do the vinyl thing, digital downloads are there for your taking too.


One response

  1. black_out

    Sounds like old At The Drive-in to me. Pretty rad.

    March 30, 2012 at 4:36 pm

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