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Bandcamp Recommendations 3/29/2012

Here’s a band from Australia called Hydromedusa. They play hardcore sludgy, stoner rock. It’s very fast and aggressive. Lots of great riffs galore too.

Judd Madden is a solo instrumental musician based in Melbourne. He plays heavy and groovy instrumental doom metal. It’s got some post rock throughout too. Cool shit that your player needs to have.

The band is Aetiology. They are an instrumental heavy psych band from Chicago. The band, currently on hiatus, has an EP, a Jam Session EP and a live track all up for grabs.

The next band, Crappydog, isn’t crappy at all. The music, is blues, garage rock. It’s got a delta blues meets early Black Keys sound to it. Very cool stuff.

When I hear the word Krang I’m brought back to my much younger days of watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the little brain like creature inside the body of the other character. Well this isn’t the 1990’s and this isn’t a cartoon. Their music is psychedelic, blues, doom, metal rock. Thi sis their debut EP from a few years ago.

I found this one recently. the band is Balam. They have 3 epic doom metal tracks available for your pleasure. It’s like porn for your ears.

“Blistering riffs become sluggish spells of hypnosis constructed in movements. Each sonic assault surrounds every sense passing through moments of suffocating heaviness that fade into psychedelic tranquility. The band is lyrically driven by themes of environmental psychology, disgust for proselytization and the inherent beauty in the tribal instinct of mankind.”

“A few guys who play music that makes people dance, bang their heads and plug their ears.” Another Ohio band that impresses me. The band is Brujas del Sol. Their style is instrumental space rock. Think Earthless with a little less phaser pedal.Grab Moonliner Vol. 1.

Abunai! have long since broken up but they have made their music availabale for download (with some physical copies of stuff still available). The band is a psychedelic jam band from Boston. Lots of space rock n riffin going on here.

WIZARD OF STONE MOUNTAIN is rock band from Split/Croatia/Europe. They were active during 2004. and then broke up after recording demo material and playing a concert. In December 2009.  They started to play again. They got their name from episode of ”He-Man”. These guys can lay down a mighty juicy riff. Heavy and fuzzy stoner doom. Excellent release!


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