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Review – Asphyx – Deathhammer

Deathhammer is prototypical “brutal” death/ doom metal: i.e., grunted/rasped vocals over wildly-detuned-yet-fairly-simple riffs– It’s more primal, simpler, than Martin van Drunen’s other extant outfit, Hail of Bullets…

There’s two types of songs herein:  fast/deathy and slow/doomy. Thus follows the highlights of either category….

Slowish, doom-metally:

“We Doom You to Death,” is particularly memorable and a great riff in general, like a European Sleep tribute band… “As the Magma Mammoth Rises” is a 7-minute-ish lurching doom-metal-by-way-of-death-metal tune: they’re both great, and yet though somehow slow and low-tuned, somehow still reminiscent of Hail of Bullets without being an obvious ripoff the said act… more like Death (the band and the phenomenon) on Quaaludes….


“Deathammer,” “Reign of the Brute,” and “Vespa Crabro,” are all (tempo-wise) fast and (chronologically) brief: all under 3:00. All way-detuned and all furious and bombastic.

The best part of both types of tunes is probably van Drunen’s vocals: rather than sounding like he’s imitating harsh, angry vocals, he genuinely sounds like someone being tortured, and being enraged by it. Like a schizophrenic screaming on the streetcorner about God/ aliens/ CIA implants….

Truly metal, in other words.



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