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UFOMAMMUT Release Second Video Track From Forthcoming LP

The second full track from UFOMAMMUT‘s forthcoming Oro: Opus Primum LP has been released today, as the band unveil each of the five opuses on the album preceding its release. Chronologically following the first track/video for “Empireum” recently premiered via American portal THE OBELISK, the album’s second track “Aureum” continues the story of Oro, and is now streaming via Germany-based VISIONS MAGAZINE.

Stay tuned for further installments, as each track from both LPs in UFOMAMMUT’s double album Oro lineage are released over the coming months. Opus Primum will see North American release on CD and LP this April 17th and the second installment of Oro, Opus Alter, will see release in September. The full visual adaptation of both Opus Primum and later Opus Alter will be available as DVD installments which will accompany the limited edition LP versions of each chapter, hand-build by Malleus Rock Art Labs and released on the band’s own Supernatural Cat Records.

Preorders for the limited vinyl version of Opus Primum can now be placed RIGHT HERE for North American residents, and HERE for Europe and beyond.

For all press requests for UFOMAMMUT and Neurot Recordings, in North and South America contact, in Italy contact, in Germany contact, and the rest of Europe contact


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