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AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR To Release New Album “Third” on June 5, 2012

Cult French Quartet Signs to Tee Pee Records for Release of New LP   

     Tee Pee Records is proud to announce the signing of one of Europe’s most accomplished underground psych bands, AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR. The band will release its new album Third on June 5.  AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR‘s previous full length releases – “Under The Moon Of…” and “Aqua Nebula Oscillator” — have met to shining fan and critical acclaim and established the cult quartet as one of the most diverse, creative (and WILD) bands of the last decade!


— formed in 2000 by David Sphaèr’os — creates utterly unique and fantastically tripped out occult psych rock inspired by parallel dimensions, voodoo, ethnic trance, horror and cult movies (from the 1920’s to the 60’s), painters like Hieronymus Bosch and Salvador Dali, dark underground literature (H. P. Lovecraft, Isidore Ducasse, Antonin Artaud), aliens and UFOs!  A modern mix of Krautrock / motorik with Hawkwind-style psychedelia, Hendrix-styled, ultra tripped out guitar action and an apocalyptic, Raw Power energy, AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR‘s mind-burning, dark and dirty “chaos-sound” is a cauldron full of seething, primitive acid garage punk.  ANO looks and sounds like it was buried in a tomb in the late 60’s / 70’s and has just been dug up and the band’s new album (and Tee Pee Records debut), Third is both totally fantastic, utterly underground and peculiarly timeless!  AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR whips up storms of scorching guitar and hypnotic bass grooves over drums that are pounded into submission.  Pure punkadelic!!

AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR made headlines as the hand-picked opening band for THE CULT‘s 2009 European “Love” tour and has also shared the stage with bands such as Sky Saxon (The Seeds), The Dead Weather, The Black Angels and Black Acid.  This band is “authentic and free” and they do almost everything themselves.  The members of AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR live in autarky in a 15th century cave that looks like a “cabinet de curiositées” from the 19th century full of strange instruments, valve amps, echo boxes, skeletons, grigri and strange sculptures!! They create their own costumes, record covers and songs in their universe “far away from the nauseous and miserable meanders of this century.”

“Our new LP is a psychedelic testimony of a trip through the Underground world,” said Sphaèr’oswhen asked for comment.  “We are subterranean space rock for burial grounds!”


     The track listing for AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR‘s Third is as follows:1.) Riot
2.) Turn On
3.) Final Solution
4.) Kill Yourself
5.) Apocalyptoads
6.) Black Sun
7.) Lucifer
8.) Dead Soul
9.) Saturne
10.) Incandescence

     AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR features David Sphaèr’os (guitar, vocals, sithar and organ), Adrian Bang (drums), Victor Rassov (vocals, bass) and Simon Bouteloup (guitar).  ANO will premiere new music from Third in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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  1. Yeah! this LP was supposed to be called LSD but I thought THIRD was better in many ways… eh 🙂

    April 24, 2012 at 12:52 pm

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