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Borracho New Video

Washington, DC, April 4, 2012 — The opening one-two punch of 2011’s stoner rock surprise, Splitting Sky, has been immortalized in video and is now available from the band’s YouTube channel. The video for the track “Concentric Circles,” which was released in October 2011 as a 7″ single along with the Spanish version “Círculos Concéntricos” by Ghost Highway Recordings (Spain) and Fandango Records (US), adds a strong visual statement of destruction to the hard hitting song.

Two versions of the clip have been cut – one featuring the single track, and another that includes Splitting Sky intro track “Redemption” leading into the featured song, just as on the album. The video was shot in January, capturing the band in a performance setting. Intercut with the performance footage are vintage scenes of destruction, atrocity and mayhem that add to the impact and power of the song.

The band unleashes the video on the heels of a strong end-of-year showing, where they received outstanding reviews from notable press like The Washington Post, and landed on ten best-of-2011 lists–seven of which were top ten selections, and three in the top five. 2012 also kicked off strong for Borracho, supporting the mighty Jucifer in DC, as well as DC area mates King Giant at their Dismal Hollow release show in January.

Expect more in 2012 from the band, who are currently planning another video release, an appearance on a tribute compilation, and additional vinyl single releases in support of 2011’s Splitting Sky. An appearance at the Stoner Hands of Doom XII as well as potential European touring are also in the works.

About the Band
Borracho was formed in 2007, when four friends and bandmates from DC hard rock bands Adam West and Assrockers set out to create a side-project. The idea for Borracho was to create a straight-up stoner rock band to feature the vocals of Assrockers drummer Noah. In order to move him out from behind the kit, Adam West/Assrockers lead guitarist Mario moved onto the drums, Adam West bassist Steve picked up his trusty flying V and began unleashing material like a riff machine, and Assrockers rhythm guitarist Tim filled up the critical low end on bass. The band members remained busy with their other bands during 2008, and after the disbanding of Adam West and Assrockers in 2008 and 2009, Borracho spent more time writing, gigging, and working on demos, ultimately leading to the release of Splitting Sky.


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