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Current Rotation 4/4/2012

I’ve been sitting on this one longer than I care to admit. It certainly would’ve wound up in my top 20 list of 2011 had I listened to it right away. My apologies to the band for not getting to it sooner. Better late than never I guess. The Crown That Wears The Head was released late last year on vinyl. Certainly now strangers to these pages, Hong Faux belt out yet another winner in their first full length following a demo and an EP release. The album is a lot mellower compared to a lot of albums we’ve been covering lately but there’s nothing tame about Hong Faux.There’s a lot of great and memorable riffs, especially my favorite track, “Bad City Blues.” While this album is not a real “fuzzed out” album, it does have some moments for fans of the fuzz. At times I was reminded of The Truckfighters’ Mania album. “Jack of Clubs” has a killer solo to close out the track followed by “Sparrow Hills” which is somewhat of a roller coaster in terms of tone. Still though, it’s a killer track.

The album is available on beautiful 12″ vinyl. Click the player below and follow the links to get your own copy, limited to 500. The mix came out real nice on the vinyl release. It’s got a nice and warm feeling to it. Maybe it’s the vinyl, perhaps not. I think it’s the album.

Light Is The New Black by Black Space Riders is the followup to 2010’s self titled album. The album is MASSIVE! It’s huge. The band has put together some of the best music into nearly a whole hour. It’s not petty little songs good for a quick run to grab some milk (although you could). No, these songs are huge. The guitars are big, the riffs are plenty, the bass is deep and the vocals are out of this world. This is an aggressive heavy rock album with some psychedelic elements. This is top notch material that needs to be listened to.

Psst, wanna know a secret? The Sun the Moon The Stars have aligned. In the process, they have released an album that’s sure to really get you moving. Mind Reader is the latest by these bad ass mofos from New Jersey. It’s heavy and it’s some of the finest rock I’ve heard. The vocals do reach a bit into the realm of sludge and could be taken for a sludge band. While that may be true, I can hear a little BLS influence in the guitars. Overall this is a stoner metal album full of heavy guitar licks and aggressive vocals. The songs are well written and are clearly made for playing with the volume cranked to 11 and the windows rolled all the way down.

Order the vinyl HERE.

Just like The Sun The Moon The Stars, Black West play some fine stoner metal. The band is from Spain. A search for more info came up with nothing but who needs more info as their music speaks for itself. Lonely Crowd is heavy and aggressive. The riffs groove and the drumming is addictive. Many times I found myself in the role of air drumming to this album. “Think Fast” and “Black Cloud” are 2 standout tracks that I found myself doing this to. The album doesn’t give up either. It’s full on balls to the wall from start to finish. There is no slow or sappy songs to break up the flow. It flows real nicely from start to finish. This album is pretty aggressive to begin with so you may not be able to get all the way through it if you’re to weak. Listen for yourself on the player below but be warned, it’s not for the feint of heart.


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