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OM: Announce New Album, Reveal Record Artwork And Release Date AND New European Tour

It has been three WHOLE years since Om have released a record, the subdued God Is Good record dropped way back in 2009, and there were worries about their even more subdued activities. As in, inactivity. Now, thank goodness, we have a whole slew of news heading our way.

Above you can view a video concerning the new record, it will be titled ‘Advaitic Songs’, the word ‘advaitic’ being quite apparently a difficult word to define and express. In layman’s terms it deals with the identity of Self, which is pretty typical Al Cisneros lyrical subject matter.

The cover follows suit with God Is Good and Pilgrimage’s with the religious iconography which I completely dig, especially with the kind of stained glass window aesthetic. And this time it looks like it’s Jesus himself, which may be an indicator of the quality of music within. I hope.

The video tells us that Advaitic Songs will be hitting shelves for July 24th, and I personally can not wait.

What’s more OM have announced a European tour to frame around their Roadburn Festival appearance, AND I CAN NOT BELIEVE THERE ISN’T A UK DATE. WHAT?

OM 2012 European Tour Dates

4.04.2012 Brussels. AB club
5.04.2012 Helsinki. Nosturi
6.04.2012 Stockholm. Strand
7.04.2012 Gothenburg. Truckstop Alaska
8.04.2012 Malmo. Inkonst
9.04.2012 Hannover. Cafe Glocksee
10.04.2012 Berlin. Berghain
11.04.2012 Hamburg. Hafenklang
12.04.2012 Tilburg. Roadburn Festival
15.04.2012 Paris. La Maroquinerie
16.04.2012 Poitiers. La Confort Moderne
17.04.2012 Bilbao. Azkena
18.04.2012 Madrid. El Sol
19.04.2012 Barcelona. Apolo 2
20.04.2012 Toulouse. Saint Des Seins
21.04.2012 Martigny. Caves du Manoir
22.04.2012 Bologna. Locomotiv
23.04.2012 Rome. Circolo Degli Artisti
24.04.2012 Milan. Magnolia
25.04.2012 Stuttgart. Club Schocken
26.04.2012 Vienna. Arena
27.04.2012 Leipzig. UT Connewitz


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