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Review – Stone Axe – Captured Live! Roadburn Festival 2011

It’s no secret that Stone Axe is one of my favorite bands. They rank right up there with a lot of the greats for me. The band has released so little but yet so much at one time. Albums, EP’s and plenty of 7″ releases to find and collect, the one true thing that was missing was a live album. Sure the Extended Play EP had a live set played at a local record store, it was good and I loved it, don’t get me wrong but not a “true” live release. So how does one band remedy that? Well you record and release your set from the worlds biggest underground festivals on Earth. Roadburn.

Captured Live! Roadburn Festival 2011 captures the band’s entire set from the 2011 festival. It captures the raw emotion and energy throughout. From the opening instrumental track “Stonin” to the last track, a Mos Generator cover “Nightwolf” it’s apparent, live music is Stone Axe’s thing. Some bands are great in the studio but so so (or worse) live. Not Stone Axe.  They’ve honed their craft quite nicely and the end output is fantastic. The overall sound and production on this disc is great. The crowd reactions between tracks aren’t really loud or prominent but they’re there to remind you that this is indeed live. Drew even gets the crowd involved during “There’d Be Days.” Captured Live! Roadburn Festival 2011 contains tracks from both full lengths including “There’d Be Days,” “Old Soul,” and “Skylah Rae” as well as tracks from 7″ releases such as the cover “Nightwolf,” and “Stonin.”

This is one impressive live release. Since I’ve been unable to attend any past Roadburn Festivals, Stone Axe has brought Roadburn to me. Anyone in the same boat as me can certainly appreciate it. This is one of those “must own” albums. The album is available right now on both CD and LP through the always impressive Ripple-Music. Listen to the excellent nod to AC/DC with “We Still Know It’s Rock ‘N’ Roll” in the player below.


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