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Daily Bandcamp Album – Misty Morning – Saint Shroom

The vocals hark the snarling mushroom and are the listener’s guide throughout the increasingly varied sonic landscapes. The architecture pleasingly reminisces. There are some classic Electric Wizard infused riffs on display but they take turns with some heavy metal classicism and some almost cheeky glam synths on the first track. Not to mention the Wino-esque guitar work on ‘Jellotron’. A section of some Type O Negative goodness appears on both tracks and really demonstrates the ability of Misty Morning who appear to be able to turn their hands to any sort of sound.

Though at times the influences do jostle for position and can seem quite crowded within what Misty Morning are attempting to do, they have the ability to gather these influences and to present them in this frenetic yet solid way that convinces me of their skill. (review)


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