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Reviews – 7″ Round Up

Here’s a few recent and upcoming 7″ releases to look forward to.

The Black Explosion is the next step in the career that is Chris Winter. Those familiar with the garage rock band Dollhouse will be familiar with Chris’ work. Now that Dollhouse is in the past, Chris has started The Black Explosion. Their sound is a little less garage and a little more rock. Think of a heavier Dollhouse with an addition of organ and psychedelics.

The band’s first release before a full length will be  self titled 7″. The 7″ contains two tracks, “It’s All Right”  and “Wake Up.” If this is what we can expect in the full length then we;re in for a treat. “It’s All Right” has a nice moderate beat going for it. Chris’ vocals are in top form. “Wake Up” is heavier and features lots of fuzz. The break down towards the end is kick ass and the psychedelics mixed in sound awesome.

The 7″ will be available soon from the band.

Last year Three Seasons released the most excellent album Life’s Road (review here). They have a small followup in the form of a 7″ called Escape. The first track is “Escape” which is a retro tune that you could swear was from the 70’s and could easily be mistaken for something that was done by Foghat or Mountain. The B side, “Wood to Sand” is a bit mellower. The track is long at 8 minutes long. It’s a different type of tune. It’s more of a progressive song. The band brings out their best prog side when they break out the hammond for a kick ass instrumental jam about 3 minutes in. Highly highly recommended for fans of classic, retro and prog rock.

Grab your copy HERE.

It’s no secret that Electric Wizard are hard at work on a follow up album and will be releasing it in the near future. In the meantime though, a 7″ with the first single, “Legalise Drugs & Murder” will be released soon. The single is everything you’d expect from Electric Wizard. In my limited exposure to the band, I found this 7″ to be quite pleasing to the ears. The title track is this drawn out, down tuned epic monster. It’s a bit mellow but sounds fucking great. The B side is “Murder & Madness” and is a very ambient instrumental. It could pass for background music in a 70’s horror film. In fact, the band does make some mention to that in their press release.

The 7″ will be released soon through the band as well as Rise Above Records. You can hear “Legalise Drugs & Murder” below. This is going to be a huge release for the band leading up to their eventual full length, whenever that is.

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