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Bandcamp Recommendations 4/12/2012

The Next Hundred Years is a band from Vancouver Canada. They play an interesting blend of hard rock citing influences such as Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age. Their sound is not desert rock though. Perhaps a heavier Queens though. Very good and highly recommended.

Bloodmoon cites Sleep, Neurosis, Isis, Godflesh, Meshuggah, Russian Circles, Earth, Obscura, Pelican, Black Cobra, Intronaut, Yob, Floor, Weedeater as influences so you know whatever they play will be heavy and sludgy as all fuck. Well guess what. It is.

Ocean Garden was started in early 2009. To begin with we had no idea where we wanted to go with it or even if we were serious. So we got a bass guitarist which was one of our friends Mike Robertson, and began praticing. We spent a long time experimenting with different genres and styles, and didn’t really know if we wanted to go through with the band so we took a break in late 2010. After that we sat down and talked about what type of music we want to play. We decided we wanted to have our own type of grunge/punk esk sound. After a couple of months of working on ideas we then recorded our debut EP “XXVII” in August 2011.A fine debut it is too.

2012 is shaping up to be a great one for new releases and the doom genre is really shining. This time here it’s Fister’s new release Violence. Free download with physical copies due out next month. Grab this body pounding new release.

Hotel Wrecking City Traders shouldn’t need any introductions. For those of you out of the loop or just joining the party, here we go:Hotel Wrecking City Traders (HWCT) have been dislodging earwax, busting strings and sticks and blowing minds since 2007. HWCT are an instrumental noise rock duo with a heavy focus on improvisation and a love of loud volume and the psychedelic. Their most recent release was a collaboration with Gary Arce (Yawning Man) as a three piece and was released on vinyl via Bro Fidelity Records (June -2011).

Fearless Sons are a bit unknown. Nothing pops up on a Facebook search and I’m to busy and lazy (more the later) to look elsewhere. What you need to know is that these guys play some pretty mean heavy psych that is a bit of a mix between Killer Moon and The Flying Eyes. Don’t believe me, hear for yourself below.

Sodacon created a decade ago as Jesse’s outlet for experimenting with a mix of electronic music and analog instrumentation. He’s released 7 albums under the Sodacon moniker since 2005, and his newest collection is titled Hear the Sirens, a 22 minutes Space Rock EP.The album is available for preorder and due out shortly but each individual track is available for free. Tedious but have at it if you like it.

A free demo by a band called Broxa. Broxa was formed in October 2010 when Rachel Henthorn (Guitar, vocals) and Jaime Gore (bass) moved to Seattle and joined forces with Jon Mullet (Ayahuasca Travellers, Crawlin’) on drums. Broxa recorded their demo with Nathan Smurthwaite at Uptone Studios and mastered with Mell Dettmer in May/June 2011. Broxa recorded their EP, ‘Meconium.So female fronted heavy psych/doom. Awesome!

This next band was featured at Heavy Planet a few days ago and I had to showcase them here in some form. This is the perfect as their album is a FREE download.“The fuzzy roar of the guitar echoes through you mind as you absorb the psyche-tinged Stoner rock jams these dudes embody. Sure there is your typical straight-up groove and skull-rattling hum, but this band turns it up by taking you into another dynamic dimension. Mostly instrumental with the occasional and albeit interesting vocal, this band is definitely a one to watch. I love the raw energy, glorious guitar buzz and ability to grab you with their groove. Check’em out!” (Heavy Planet)

Like 2 piece blues based rock ala The Black Keys, look no further. There’s some great music to be had here.

Inspired, emotional, industrial, atmospheric, experimental… Sea Of Zyn have been classified as many things. At heart they are a rock band, pure and simple.

Drawing inspiration from their beloved ghost city of Detroit, it’s no wonder that many have heard in their music the winds of the desert. Pounding riffs
and powerful vocals lead to trip-hop beats and exalted strings. They nod to nearly everything birthed in this great music city.

Think of Black Sabbath starring in a spaghetti western set in Mowtown, and you just might start to picture what these guys are doing in their little corner of the Motor City.


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  1. Hey guys, this is Peter from Bloodmoon, due to a bug with bandcamp our album was deleted so the link in the post isn’t showing but it has since been put back up and can be found at

    April 26, 2012 at 6:40 pm

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