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Cortez is a Boston based 4 piece that recently released their first full length. Fuck me running. This album is impressive; from the amazing guitar shredding, monster drums and bass, amazing vocals, and a production sound that keeps it all nice and tight. I’m jealous of the Boston area motherfuckers that get to see these guys play live on a regular basis. Kick ass heavy rock and roll doom. Period.

This self titled album opens with “Johnny”, a catchy tune that thumps and pumps the adrenaline. Growly and bluesy vocals. “All Hail” comes in a little heavier and stronger. Which seems impossible after the first track. Know I am cracking a beer and head nodding…fiercely! “Until We Die” is doom heavy and fuzzy as squirrel nuts. Another great rock tune that dips into some cool psychedelic space rock.

“Ride On” sounds like it should. Rolling drums with a fuzzed out guitar that says lets smoke this bag, drink this case of beer and roll down the highway…good times will happen. Big sound with booty shaking beats that conjure up images of a night I can’t remember. But wish I could. “Wormwood” and “Nostrum” both strip it down and keeps the rock rolling.

“Beyond the Mountain” rings with the never dated sound of organs underlining bold vocals and thick ass tunes. And what rock and roll band with doom in their blood wouldn’t sing about the dark lord, “Satan.” Doom and heavy and meaty. The album ends (unfortunately) with straight up doom laden “Northlander” and heavy rock shredding “Nice Try”.

“So don’t fuck with me, in fact fuck you all” is the best line from the album that sums it up. Cortez is here to stomp around and scream. They will play dirty and loud. They will shred and lull you into a dark corner of your mind. They play insanely great heavy rock and roll doom that can not, nor will not be denied. This is one of best from 2012.


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