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Daily Bandcamp Albums – Friday The 13th Edition

Friday the 13th is a sort of taboo day. The superstitious type think anything that is bad can and will happen to them on this day. I call it bullshit but it’s also a great excuse to feature 13 great doomy, dark and eerie albums for the day. Each of these 13 albums could be the soundtrack to any horror/slasher movie. So, here they are, in no particular order with their crushing and coma inducing albums.

13: Love Sex Machine – Love Sex Machine: Love Sex Machine deliver the goods with bone chilling and crushing riffs.

12: Orchid – Capricorn: This was a top album of 2011 on a lot of year end lists. This one didn’t catch my ears until the late part of 2011, shame on me.

11: Iron Mtn – Iron Mtn: This is one of the better finds so far in 2012. It’s fine instrumental doom metal with a psychedelic and stoner flair.

10: Bell Witch – Bell Witch Demo: Bell Witch released this demo this past October. It’s 37 minutes of chilling funeral doom. It’s the soundtrack of the rapture is what it is. This demo is so good that it was recent;y pressed to vinyl.

9: Uzala – Uzala: This one is different than most. The music is droney and at times fuzzy and psychedelic. The vocals of Darcy Nutt are hypnotic and soothing. The slowness and ambiance of the album make for the perfect smoke session.

8: Summoner – Phoenix: Groove-a-licious riffs, catchy beats and kick ass rock and doom are one of the high and major selling points of this album.

7: Buried Sleeper – Colosseum: For a rookie release, Buried Sleeper impress. Their sound is what doom may have sounded like if it was originated from the desert. Fuzzy and drawn out riffs with a touch of Alice in Chains make for an awesome debut.

6: Green & Wood – Devil’s Playground: This is another album I’ve been hooked on. This is the 2nd album by the Los Angelos band following up their successful self titled debut.

5: Witchstone – EP: The only thing keeping Calgary, Alberta, Canada from completely freezing has to be Witchstone. One listen to their debut EP and you’ll agree, this is some warm, fuzzy and crushing set of tunes. Fuck the hot chocolate, give me Witchstone.

4: Conan – Monnos: Did you seriously think I’d forget about Conan’s latest? Well if I didn’t see their cover plastered everywhere I may have. For most, no introduction is needed. For the rest, here’s your introduction: droney and heavy as all fuck, downtuned….. You’re listening to the stream now aren’t you? Good.

3: Lomera – Lomera EP: The self titled EP is deep, dark, and doomy. The triple D’s, mixed with a bit of psychedelic and bluesy melodic riffs, are crushing and brain numbing. This EP is dark, crusty, and angry.

2: Undersmile – A Sea of Dead Snakes EP: Doomy, droney and highly self intoxicating, Undersmile are likely to get you fucked up before the end of the first song.

1: Godhunter – Wolves : The winners of the 2012 March Bandness competition, Godhunter embodies everything that is heavy. Whether it’s the fierce vocals, the pounding drums, the crushing riffs or the haunting bass, you’re in for quite the ride. You can read the review here.


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  1. Iron Mtn RAWKS! just bought it… hope I don’t like all your Recommendations, I may go broke!!

    April 13, 2012 at 12:07 pm

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