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Introducing… Midnight Ghost Train

Official Bio:

On August 1st 2007, John Goff was pronounced dead. He died in his small house in Abilene, Kansas from a severe asthma attack. This was the influential event that caused John’s best friend Steve Moss, to start The Midnight Ghost Train, as a eulogy to John. “Something had to be done,” Steve says. “John’s memory and life has to be remembered in some way.” Moss then moved to his hometown Buffalo, New York with a plan to start a band, record a record, and go on tour. This was the idea and the drive that fueled The Midnight Ghost Train’s engine.

As soon as Moss arrived in Buffalo, he began to recruit members for the band. The original lineup included Steve Moss on vocals and guitar, Toby Cole on bass, and Jake Levin on drums. The Midnight Ghost Train has never been too sure on what direction they wanted to take their sound, and what genre to ordain to. All they knew was that their life and soul needed to be dedicated to music. Moss is a big early blues aficionado, so it was inevitable that the music would have strong roots in the blues. It was the heavy (stoner rock) side of their music that was most surprising since the band was never into much heavy music. “But when I’m on stage I love to bang my head and have the feel of loud amps and drums behind me, and when I pick up an electric guitar I like to play it heavy, and with force,” Steve says. More….

Ok, this band is by far not a new band. They’ve been around for a while now. How they’ve flown under the radar for this long is beyond me. The stoner rock underground is somewhat of a tight knit group, we all follow what everyone else is doing to a degree but yet little to nothing has come out. The fact now is, they’ve been discovered by me and I’m sharing with everyone within my reach. It’s funny but I would have Karma to Burn to thank. If they wouldn’t have backed out of the recent US tour with The Truckfighters, who knows how long The Midnight Ghost Train would’ve slipped by my sights. When I asked vocalist Steve Moss how the band has been pretty unknown for so long, his response was “We haven’t been on a label that’s how we been so unknown.”

Well here’s to spreading the word of a phenomenal band who has the wind behind their backs and momentum on their side. Speaking of momentum, as soon as the tour with The Truckfighters was over, they headed straight to the studio to record their next full length album. The album will is called Buffalo and will be out July 31st, 2012 via Karate Body Records. It’ll be available on both CD and LP You can hear the first single from the album, “Foxhole” below.

IF you’re without their self titled album or Johnny Boy EP, you need to do yourself a favor and get them. The EP is sold out but available through both iTunes and Amazon MP3 (Amazon being the better priced option). The band still has copies of their self titled for a reasonably fair price of $5. It’s well worth it and then some. The band presents such a great range from heavy to more slower and mellow tunes. Don’t forget the fuzz either, there’s plenty of it.


2 responses

  1. noseeds

    the self titled is fucking amazing, but i don’t know the last two tracks

    April 13, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    • Bill Goodman

      “Die With Me” and “Woman of Hate”

      April 13, 2012 at 6:23 pm

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