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Review – Kadavar – Kadavar

I think I may have found the next big thing here. Kadavar has been featured here before as somewhat of a preview of things to come. The vinyl finally made its way into my hands, while I was waiting anxiously for it, I found it to be worth the wait.

This 3 piece from Germany play heavy psych/psych blues ala Graveyard, Brutus, and a little bit of Witchcraft. The riffs rock and roar, they’re hypnotizing and very damn catchy. The album opens with “All Our Thoughts” which is akin to Graveyard’s “Satan’s Finest.” “Black Sun” is a riff lovers dream, the tempo goes up and down throughout, more of a verse, chorus, verse deal but is very fitting. “Forgotten Past” is a bit slower paced but still has some excellent and catchy riffs. The solo towards the end kicks some serious ass. “Goddess of Dawn” starts off with this really thick and heavy riff. It’s deep and crushing. It shows a darker side to the band bringing out more of a Black Sabbath side. “Creature of the Demon” (which can be streamed below), my favorite song on the album, is chock full of glorious riffs. It’s one that really gets the head and body moving. The final song, “Purple Sage” is a bit different for the group. The song is a bit more spacey and psychedelic. It starts off with some spacey effects while the drums slowly fade in. About 1:20 in, a real nice and punchy bass line starts followed shortly by the guitar. All while the spacey effects are still going on. By time the vocals start up, if the song doesn’t get you stoned, you’re not listening right. There’s a lot going on, it’s a busy song and it’s one that will, when it’s over, make you scream for more.

I think we have an album of the year material here. Kadavar’s music grabbed me in the same way that Graveyard’s self titled did when I discovered it. It’s written and played really well, the production of the album is top notch too. They really do have a great album here and thankfully it has a world wide reach with Tee Pee Records picking up the North American distribution. Kadavar’s self titled is out now in Europe via This Charming Man Records and in the US via Tee Pee Records.


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