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Vagiant : Hard & Spicy Russian Cocktail

Vagiant is a five-piece union of antisocial, paranoid still life loving, good-mannered and joyful nerds. The distinctive feature of the band is peculiar sense of humor based on themes of misanthropy, degradation, blasphemy, substance abuse, psychical disorders and flowers. Growing up in the motherland of Lenin, Lada autos, bears and vodka band members witnessed quite enough absurd to produce music as pleasant as vomiting and as entertaining as an STD. Somehow in a year (spring 2011 – spring 2012) Vagiant managed to release a demo record and an EP, survived a russian tour, successfully supported bands like Jucifer, Rolo Tomassi, Russian Circles or Red Fang.
Their debut EP, entitled “Gospel according to Vagiant” is officially available since the end of the last year on Bandcamp and right now through the Octopus Management webstore.
Playing a quite unique mixture of experimental rock mathcore and noise-punk with somes pieces of metal, Vagiant has put its record digitally available for “pay what you want” formula through Bandcamp…
For fans of Dillinger Escape Plan, Fugazi, Rolo Tomassi…


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