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Daily Bandcamp Album – 4/20 Edition

Well it’s that time of the year again. It’s the stoner holiday, the infamous 4/20. There are many stories to it’s origin. No one really knows for sure where 4:20 came from but who cares? I don’t. Man. So, light up a fatty, roll your phatest fatty you can, inhale and relax to these awesome stoner tunes. Pass the chips man.

Blue Snaggletooth are a self-proclaimed Psychedelic D&D Rock band from Ann Arbor, Michigan. This four-piece psychedelic proto-metal ensemble is heavily influenced by the sounds of Black Sabbath and Hawkwind, while they use their turn at the mic to paint aural pictures not unlike Frank Frazetta and Larry Elmore. (Review)

Insert clever cliche here. What if Black Sabbath had mated with The Black Angels? I’m sure it would have been disgusting to watch but if you mixed the music, you’d get Glitter Wizard. This San Francisco 5 piece plays some hard rocking psychedelic garage doom. When I say doom, I don’t mean it in the traditional sense as the music is more upbeat. (Review)

“OX the lowing of the Universe. A new king wakes up in the mud. Beats, yet insensitive to their power: One creature thick, dense, stiff, brutal, forged in fat and ancient grudges, snorts and stares at us with a frown: His horned forehead announces the Searing: Beef King is born”

I’m not so sure of the translation but that’s Google’s best answer. Anyways, it grooves and flows rather nicely like a good strain of kind bud.

The band is Jupiter from Finland. They play psychedelic blues rock in a more of a jam band fashion with some fuzz too. They remind me a bit of Graveyard meets The Grateful Dead in a sense.

Sedulus have been featured in these spaces before. They’ve recently released a 2 track EP of some more rip roaring tunes with some doom heavy monsterous riffs.

How about some groovelicious stoner rock with a bit of a sludge overtone? Well Australia’s own Hydromedusa have you covered

“Once-ler was formed in Dayton, Ohio more than a decade ago by four individuals with a simple idea: write music they want to hear. Tired of cookie cutter cliché rock bands, Once-ler has striven to break the mold of modern rock and they have worked tirelessly to form it in their own image. Never afraid to change directions mid-measure-phrase-song or album, Once-ler strives to forge something new every time they pick up a drumstick, tune a guitar, and plug in a mic. The band can be seen performing in their hometown with some frequency, but prefer to take their sound on the road to new venues and more importantly, to new fans. Always pushing themselves forward, their newest album “Set For Departure” is no exception, and exemplifies in every way what the band set out to achieve from the beginning. Listen and you will know.”

This one has been burning my ears. A full review will be up in the near future.

Another one that’ll we’ll have a full review of shortly, Low Gravity, who’s debut was most excellent, has a new album out. It’s full of heavy and hard hitting riffs and enough groove to the songs to make your neck weak.

Between the Lines by Sons Of Meteora are from Barcelona, Spain and play hard rock with a tad of alternative and a bit of pop rock. Don’t worry, it’s still good otherewise it wouldn’t be here.

What would 4/20 be without some green? How about some Green Monster? Well grab their EP of some fine stoner rock.

Last up to close out this most excellent day is a French band called The Socks. They play some pretty epic fucking stoner rock. They remind me a little bit of Dozer. Listen for yourself and see. I think you’ll agree.

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