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Sun Gods in Exile – Thanks for the Silver…reviewed

Written by Ian Gerber

For The Soda Shop

I’m sure that most of you are familiar with Portland, Maine’s hard rocking, beer drinking heavy blues rockers Sun Gods in  Exile.  Besides having a wicked cool name, these guys also have a talent for making a kick ass rock record.  ‘Thanks for the Silver’ was cut in late 2010 by the incomparable engineering mastermind Benny Grotto, who also produced the record, at Small Stone Record’s go to house of recording, Mad Oak Studios.  

So what happened?  They killed it.  That’s what happened.  My first impression of the record was how HUGE it sounds.  The guitars are loud as fuck…which if you don’t know, is no easy feat.  SGIE have the swagger of The Black Crowes (during the re-hab years, aka when they ROCKED) but with louder amps ala Thin Lizzy and Areosmith.  Another favorite aspect is that there is even an organ in the mix, which makes any rock record a better listening experience for this guy right here.  There’s plenty of huge riffs and harmonized guitar lines played over a rock steady rhythm section.  If anything, my gripe is that they rely on the huge guitar sound, maybe, too much.  I could go for a more dynamic sound, but hey, that’s just me.  Sure, the title track is a southern rock ballad, but aside from that you have 9 songs crammed with cranked Marshalls blasting you in the ears.  Some bands prefer to blow you away for 40 minutes without a break, so in that respect, bravo guys.  If you like huge sounding blues rock guitar licks that lay out the perfect soundtrack for getting loaded with your fellow bearded brethren….give Thanks for the Silver a much deserved spin.


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