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New York Rock Trio NAAM to Release New EP “The Ballad of the Starchild” on May 8, 2012

Brooklyn’s Best Psych-Rock Band Shoots for the Stars on Highly Anticipated New Release


    NAAM The Ballad of the Starchild 

For Fans of: MC5, Black Mountain, Black Rainbows, Kyuss, Blue Cheer, White Hills, Boris & The Entrance Band!    

“bottom-heavy dark-boogie” – TIME OUT NEW YORK

“Virtuosic bass crunge, ripped jeans, long hair, extended krautrock blissouts…Yes!”  – ROLLING STONE  

There are very few bands in the known universe that can draw upon such varied influences as The Stooges, Hawkwind and Can, but Brooklyn’s NAAM certainly fits the bill. With The Ballad of the Starchild, NAAM creates spacey, spacious, garage-bluesy kraut-psych with an epic scope and altered state intergalactic musings about time, space and the future.  A vintage-sounding offering that manages to include elements of trance rock, acid-blues and psychedelic star-gazing, The Ballad of the Starchild is the perfect accompaniment for “exploring inner space and imagining outer space.”  Over the course of the EP’s 25 minutes of brain damage, NAAM aim to hold infinity in the palm of their hand, and eternity in a half hour.  The sonic equivalent of a sheet of blotter LSD layered over hypnotically rhythmic bass lines, The Ballad of the Starchild is a far-out journey where riffs fall from the sky and float off to planets yet undiscovered by science!

                              NAAM (photo: Samantha Marble)
     The track listing for NAAM‘s The Ballad of the Starchild is as follows:

1.) Sentry of Skies
2.) Lands Unknown
3.) History’s Son
4.) The Starchild
5.) Exit Theme

About NAAM:

NAAM‘s high-voltage power and addictive sound has found favor with both hard rockers and psychedelic rock fans alike, all of whom have talked up the group’s addictive musical muscle.  The trio delivers utterly hypnotic songs that “resurrect the concept of space-rock for a new era”.  NAAM‘s musical style has met to first-rate acclaim, being called “a tightrope walk between hyper-distorted stoner bustle and Brooklyn’s long-standing psych-rock hedgerow” by the Village Voice while Rolling Stone championed the band’s sound as “extended krautrock blissouts.”  NAAM‘s music video for the track “Skyling Slip” can be viewed at this location.

NAMM features Ryan Lee Lugar (guitars, tambura, vocals), John Preston Bundy (bass, vocals, piano, synthesizer), Eli Pizzuto (percussion) and Johnny Weingarten (lead organ, electric piano, mellotron, lap steel).

     “Whatever the level of high, the heavy psychedelic trio drift regularly into echoed and sometimes Crimsoned-out excursions without losing momentum or their excellent vintage stoner doom groove.” – STEREOGUM

“NAAM take the trippiest part of your favorite Hawkwind song and stretch it like space-taffy into hypnotic, riff-driven mush…a sucking black hole of reverb and space dust” – VILLAGE VOICE



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