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Review – Bodacious – King of Scum

Here’s a quick review. Just a little while ago this band called Bodacious status post shows up in my Facebook feed. The band says “Hey, new album up on Bandcamp, blah blah blah…” I have a few thousand different band and band related pages “liked” on Facebook. Something told me to check this one out to see if it’s any good. Oh hell yeah it is.

King of Scum by Bodacious is an excellent album. This album really caught me from the start with the monsterous guitars and heavy riffs. The overall sound is heavy rock with lots of post punk, heavy metal, sludge, post grunge and stoner throughout. There’s even a hint of some blues rock heavy psych here and there. I can tell the band took a lot of time putting this one together because they take all those elements and blend them in very nicely. Not all at one time either. They way they approached it, including the track order, it’s got a real nice flow to it. Everything is spread from start to finish to you can’t say all the good songs are lumped into one section. No filler, all killer.

The album is only available in digital download through the band’s Bandcamp site. Click the player below to get your copy.


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