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Kaleidoscope – Self-Titled EP: Review

via Sludge Factory

Hailing from Gerringong are a bunch of fresh faced teens called Kaleidoscope. Don’t let that dissuade you, because the song writing ability these guys possess is well beyond their years. This psychedelic/stoner rock trio have been pricking up ears and turning heads right across the globe amongst niche, genre based publications as their self-titled debut release hits the information super highway.

As soon as I press ‘play’ I find myself reaching for my eighth and my papers because I instantly get the sense that being stoned is the only way to enjoy this release. I soon realise that nor do I actually have any weed but I don’t smoke, although this minor inconvenience is quickly over come. Recording on a shoe-string budget only does this release even more justice as it encapsulates the essence of a live performance, which you just don’t get with endless filters, compressors, and effects units used in major budget recordings.

Teasing you with entrancing guitar work, “The Towers” slowly builds up until singer/guitarist Anthony Sweeney chants “1, 2, 3, 4” as the song kicks into full gear with fuzzed out guitars and thunderous drums, reminiscent of Kyuss’ Sky Valley. In true stoner rock fashion, the song may conform to standard verse/chorus/verse/chorus structures but lyrically speaking, there’s no such conformity as each stanza is unable to be given any alternate names. The song wouldn’t be complete without the 2 minute 30 break-down jam, riddled with wah and delay effects which you’d come to expect from any great stoner rock band.

“Malibu” is initially a much more laid back number, which would be the perfect soundtrack to a wistfully beautiful movie montage of the surf rolling in at the very location which conjures the song name. Though, true to form it continues on with huge riffs in a down trodden tempo. “Desert” and “Sandhurst” round this EP off nicely as they fill the voids to make this a complete work displaying the range of possibilities from an artist like this.

I can’t help but wonder whether this band, with all their talent and potential, will be able to cut through to mass audiences or whether their CD will meet the waste paper basket alongside so many other unfortunate bands before them who dared to go against the grain and write music with pure visceral instinct, instead of through a series of calculations and sterility.

The EP is available for download from the band’s Bandcamp site for free, with the option to sling them a few extra bucks if you can afford it, and think they deserve it. If you love Californian desert fuzz-rock, then chances are you’ll think they do deserve every cent.


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