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The Soda Shop Podcast This Saturday!

Listen to Grip of Delusion Radio this Saturday 3-5 EST. This week we celebrate vinyl. There’s no denying that vinyl has really taken off the past few years. This weeks Podcast is not only vinyl related but B side too. In the old days of single, there would be a B side that often contained a non album track, a live track or a filler from the full length. Well these B sides are the 2nd side to the LP and not the singles. Oh, this isn’t Mp3 sourced material either, each B side was recorded from my actual vinyl and will contain the little pops and cracks often associated with record playing.


1.  The Brought Low – The Brought Low – “Hot N’ Cold”
2.                                      “City Boy”
3.                                      “Outer Borough Dust Run
4.                                      “Deathbed”
5.  Fuzz Manata – Vortex Memplex – “Between The Lines”
6.                                 “Torke”
7.                                 “Hidden Track”
8.  Windhand – Windhand – “Summon The Moon”
9.                        “Winter Sun”
10. Moonless – Moonless – “Calling All Demons”
11.                       “The Bastard in Me”
12.                       “Midnight Skies”
13. Kadavar – Kadavar – “Goddess of Dawn”
14.                     “Creature of the Demon”
15.                     “Purple Sage”
16. Five Horse Johnson – Last Men On Earth – “Love 2 Lose”
17.                                          “Sweetwater”
18.                                          “B.C. Approved”
19.                                          “Sawhill”
20.                                          “Yer Mountain”


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