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Bandcamp Recommendations – 4/26/2012

Colornoise is a noise rock duo formed by Sonya Carmona (Lead vocals, guitar) and Alison Alvarado (Drums, vocals). The style of the band is strongly marked by genres such as stoner rock, grunge, garage and post punk.
The project started in 2009 when the girls created a couple of songs in jamming sessions that they enjoyed playing for friends. Being only two, they decide to make their first album.

Vagiant of Moscow, Russia – reeking sckreeching noise rock vomit spawn, breeding on the putrid soil of erotic catastrophy stories, sonic fetishism and offensive oppression.
“Massive human spoilage, bleeding ears, rectums and mothers crying, cities laid to ruins and black presidents get elected – this what happens when Vagiant hits the spot. Who are they? None of us know. And still – who the fuck are you anyway?”

Buffalo Witch is a three piece Stoner/ Doom metal band from Grand Rapids, MI. Consisting of members Nicky, Chris, and Dan. They are part of the Hydro-Phonic Records family.

Skrogg, from NH, was born out of the need for some heavy ass doomy blooze…..Their debut EP Raw Heat lives up to its name with big drums, up front running bass lines, low tuned fuzzed out guitar and aggressive bluesy vocals. Its a grimy stoner rock that’s all their own.”It’s just great fucking gritty hard rock tinged with doom and blues. It’s fuzzy and it’s huge”

“First was Denzil Davies Fanclub. then The Spirit of Denzil Davies, now Denzil returns.”That is the only bit of information I could find on the band. The album is more indie/alternative than stoner but still pretty neat.

There seems to be a little uprising in Russia. There’s certainly been a few gems to come out of there the past few years. The Souldiggers Band is one such to put out a nice and cool blues based stoner rock album.

Like lions among men, THE FIRSTBORN come forth as a true force of nature within a movement where mindless, continuous repetition of the same old formulas is often mistaken for talent. The new album «Lions Among Men» is now out and it represents the ultimate stride forward in the path treaded since the band’s inception in the mid-nineties, following 2008’s critically acclaimed «The Noble Search

Here’s a good one. The band is Bardus and this is their Pig E.P. They play hardcore sludge metal with a pretty nasty bunch of riffs and grooves.

Last and certainly not least is a band from Ohio called Brujas del Sol. They played tripped out psychedelic desert rock. Very close to heavy psych. This is the 2nd of (so far) 2 EPs. The first is also available.


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