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Vinyl Review – Caustic Casanova – Someday You Will Be Proven Correct

Welcome to a new feature that will run from time to time. I call it “Vinyl Review” It’s basically a review for a submitted album but instead of Cd or Mp3 listening, this is all done with the vinyl that was received. The first review belongs to a band called Caustic Casanova. The album is their latest release and what appears to be first on vinyl (I could be wrong).

Band Bio:

Caustic Casanova is the best closer in the game today. Referred to as “Riff Emperors” by The Pinhook (Durham, North Carolina), Caustic Casanova is a heavy rock power trio from Washington, DC. They are the best!

Michael Wollitz – guitars, vocals
Francis Beringer – bass, vocals
Stefanie Zaenker – drums, vocals

Progressive, forward thinking rock music (Subba-Cultcha)
Indie psyche sludge post-punk (The Deli Magazine)
Twisted psychedelic metal (DC Rock Live)
Bluesy, sludgy classic rock (Space City Rock)

Side A

As soon as the needle dropped I was spun right into “The Space Needle” is this fast paced punk number featuring a pretty deep amount of drum & bass mixed with some grunge era guitars ala Mudhoney. It rolls right into “Hail Fellow Well Met” which starts off mellow but really picks it up at the end. Reminded me a bit of 80’s British rock. “Penmanship” is next. It’s fast paced and could serve as a somewhat pick me up tune. That is, until it’s speeds up and gets really heavy and somewhat gritty. at the end. This side ends with “Your Spirit Festooned On The Bedposts” which is a short, mellow, and instrumental.

Side B

Side B opens with “Short Commute, Live Forever” which begins with a nice little drum beat as the rest of the instruments slowly begin to come in and then boom! It’s all out. This one has some damn good catchy guitar riffs. It runs right into the next track called “Infinite Happiness.” I didn’t even realize that I was into the next song they way they blend together. “There Is No Need For Grammar On The Moon” is next and is a short 49 second instrumental track. “Snake In The Grass” features some heavy and fuzzy guitar. Awesome riffs to go with the catchy tone. When it really picks up it takes on a somewhat punk/post punk-ish personality. “A Campfire Of Your Own Awe” closes out the side with a slow song.

Side C

“Bulwark” is a pretty mellow track to begin this side although it does have some faster moments. “17:59” begins with some pretty trippy guitar picking. It slowly leads into more guitar and then the bass and drums. It’s an all instrumental track as well. It’s big at nearly 7 minutes long total. The final song, “The Unfathomable Heart” reminds me of something that The Cure would have put out in the 90’s. Not being a fan of The Cure I really couldn’t compare but that was the feeling I got from the little experience with The Cure that I do have. It gets a little trippy towards the end during the instrumental part of the song. It’s a cool song to end the album with too.

Side D has no music. Instead there is an etching of what appears to the footprints in sand leading to a campfire under the night sky with the moon complete with clouds.

This album was a blast to play and I played it at full blast, as you should too. You can stream the album in its entirety in the player below and even buy it by clicking on the player. If you want the vinyl copy, which is highly recommended by the way, do so here. CDs are also available if interested.

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