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The awaited debut album of Swedish DÖDAREN available through digital distribution services from April 27th.

DÖDAREN was formed late 2010 by four devoted musicians in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their first EP, Flyttar In, quickly reaped attention in the realms of the underground blogosphere and was early accepted as stoner rock. It was compared to larger and more influential bands in the margins of alternative rock and swiftly received some dedicated fans in several corners of the world. Eric, Martin, Fredrik and Jon have prior to the formation of the group played in several different constellations in genres ranging from the softest blues to the hardest hardcore.

Spurred by the success of the EP, DÖDAREN gathered during the winter of 2011/2012 and recorded their debut Maen, further raising the level of ambition. The guys in DÖDAREN see themselves as moving through uncharted territories of style, and thus lets others do the categorizations. Some say they sound like the groovy rock that Clutch stands for, with just a hint of post metal added for good measure. Others proclaim that the recipe to sound like DÖDAREN would be to borrow some of the well known Gothenburg energy from Graveyard, steal some riffs from any great 60’s or 70’s rock band, add some boogie á la Thin Lizzy, mash it all together and wrap it up in a modern package with Swedish lyrics on top.

The well matured and full-bodied debut Maen delivers 52 stunning minutes of music; compromise or fear of breaking stylistic barriers completely absent. The album will be followed up by intensive live shows and continued creative mayhem in the rehearsal room throughout 2012. The album is recorded in Kanon Studios, Falkenberg, Sweden and mastered by Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering (Raised Fist, Opeth, El Caco).

DÖDAREN — Maen is publicly available through Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, 7digital, etc. from April 27th.


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