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Review- Naam-The Ballad of the Starchild EP

Naam is a Brookln based psych stoner band that is releasing a trip of an EP, The Ballad of the Starchild, on May 8th through Tee Pee Records. It’s a ambitious journey of psychedelic sounds and musical gentleness. It is something to get lost in.

“Sentry of Skies” is chill and stoney. The music trickles with a constant beat and gentle guitar that lifts me off with great care and ease. Relaxing. “Lands Unknown” sends rings of Saturn around my dizzy head. A little doom and droney vocals with psychedelic twists and turns that spiral me upward. The lower than low fuzz is carefully peppered with classic organ sounds and synthesizers that enforce this journey is not of earth.

“History’s Son” brings me back to earthly sounds of middle eastern twangs and deep animal skinned drums. An instrumental that snapped me out of my space trip. If only for a momemt as I am projected back to the blackened skies riddled with fantastic planets and lights all around with “The Starchild”. A head nodding tune that has spacey vocals that linger under the incredible fuzz of rock. At almost 11 minutes I allow myself to get lost in infinite space and enjoy the hand of rock that guides my trip. “Exit Theme” is another instrumental and is the last track on the EP. Lots of lingering notes and waves of science fiction leave me wanting more.

The influences of Naam must be many. I can taste the multiple levels of music love that was put into this delectable trip. I found myself getting lost in between the many subtle styles and creativity. A very visual album to listen to…if that makes sense. It does to the ones with good grass! Wish they were playing closer to my neck of the woods so I could feast on this beast. Great EP that deserves several spins to catch all it’s magic.



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