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Review – Orcus Chylde – Orcus Chylde

When I first came across Orcus Chylde, it was while poking around on Kadavar’s Facebook page. I noticed Orcus Chylde was tagged so my instincts kicked in to check them out. There were a few songs posted for sample on Facebook and naturally I listened. What I heard I liked. It had that nice retro sound that I really dig. Of course liking what I heard, I let the band know to keep The Soda Shop in mind of a review copy when the album was ready. Fast forward until last week when the CD arrived in the mail. Oh was I giddy. I put it on in my truck to listen to while I drove to work. I wasn’t sure what it was I was hearing but it wasn’t what I was expecting. I wasn’t sure if it was all that it was cracked up to be. It wasn’t.It was better.

While I was expecting some heavy retro rock ala Graveyard, what I got was a sort of a hybrid between Graveyard and Witchcraft. The vocals even sound a lot like Marcus Pelander. Upon further listening, the album really unwinds throughout. The overall vibe of the album is that hybrid I mentioned. The faster songs don’t really “shred” and get you really pumped up to the point of destruction but they do move you. It’s something you can certainly sink your teeth into and enjoy. My first full listen wanted me to listen again. Initially it wasn’t because I thought it was so good (it is) but I needed to be sure I really liked it. A 2nd listen took care of that real quick. This is as every good as the hype that will be surrounding it and afterwards.

The album itself is just about perfect as an album can get. The energy that comes out of the music is unbelievable. Even at it’s slowest and most mellow moments you’re sucked in. Listen to “Quiet Walls” if you don’t believe me. Besides the retro rock sound and the little bit of fuzz throughout, there’s plenty of acoustic rock throughout as well. This at times gives it a dark folk rock feel without being a full blown folk rock song. It’s really something that is hard to put into words and needs to be heard. The ambiance surrounding the album too is phenomenal. The entire thing has a sense of distinct personality from start to finish. The track order is set up so there’s a nice and smooth flow from song to song. Album of the year material? Yeah, I’d say so.

Orcus Chylde is due June 15th, 2012 on World of Sound Records. You can stream “Valley of Thornes” on the band’s Facebook page and stream “Over The Frozen Rivers” below. Want to hear the whole album? You can hear it by listening to the latest Soggy Bob Podcast.


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