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STONE AXE Set To Continue The Rock N’ Roll Party With Live Album Release

STONE AXE Set To Continue The Rock N’ Roll Party With Live Album Release


Port Orchard, WA – Three years, two full length albums, an EP, countless appearances on compilations and 7” projects, deluxe re-issues of out of print albums . . . the only thing missing from the Stone Axe repertoire is a full length live album. Wait no longer! Stone Axe and Ripple Music will be releasing the first full length live album from the Washington based rock n’ roll preservationists on May 8th in North America (May 7th in the UK). Stone Axe: Captured Live! is a fifteen track time capsule from the 2011 edition of the Roadburn Festival held on an annual basis in Holland. This recording, indeed, captured the band in all of their rock n’ roll fury, steamrolling through a raucous set of music that has the crowd cheering, singing, and clapping along.

“Captured Live! was recorded during our appearance at the Roadburn Festival, which was also the last night of our 2011 UK/European tour,” explains multi-instrumentalist and band leader, Tony Reed. “We’d been on the road for a long time, we were worn out, and we were playing a million miles an hour – just on the fringe of losing all control. It was an awesome and exhilarating experience and we think this recording captures the emotions of the night, as well as the weeks leading up to it.”

Stone Axe: Captured Live! is available through Nail Distribution in North America and Code 7 Distribution throughout the UK.

In addition to this release, Stone Axe were recently handpicked by the editors of Metal Hammer to have their song “Old Soul”, from Stone Axe II – Deluxe Edition (available now from Ripple Music), included on a special issue covermount CD. This special issue pays homage to Black Sabbath is entitled ‘The Sons of Sabbath’ and will be available at the end of May!

Here’s what the press has to say:

“This is one impressive live release. Since I’ve been unable to attend any past Roadburn Festivals, Stone Axe has brought Roadburn to me. Anyone in the same boat as me can certainly appreciate it. This is one of those “must own” albums.”  —  The Soda Shop

“Stone Axe – Captured Live! Roadburn Festival 2011 has just been released on the Ripple Music label, and it is an amazing slice of in-your-face rock and roll. In fact, if it had been released in 1974 instead of 2012, Stone Axe would be flying from gig to gig in a jumbo jet with their name on the side, and Tony Reed would be a household name and worth a fortune.” — Rock Guitar Daily

“Seriously ever track is worth hearing and the band is seriously tight live.For those who are already fans of this band this is a welcome addition to their catalog. For those who have never heard this fantastic act then this would serve as a fine introduction.”  —  Heavy Metal Time Machine

Available at RIPPLE MUSIC STORE and Ebay


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