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Review: The Dirty Feathers – Midnight Snakes

According to their Twitter, The Dirty Feathers eat more BBQ than any other band, but after listening to their newest release, Midnight Snakes, it’s plain to see they’ve been chompin’ on the other white meat as well: Jack White, that is.

The band has just (and I mean, just as in like, a week ago) released a new single dripping with sixties psychedelica, but Midnight Snakes is their latest full-length offering and is not to be missed–for fans of The Dead Weather or The Charming Snakes or The Holy Ghost, especially. There’s some consistency in that whole “The Adjective Noun” front, it seems. ,But really, who can’t get down with a ripping rock album full of reverb-drenched guitars and wailing Hammond organ? If you just raised your hand, you may now turn in your license to rock, because you won’t be needing it ever again.

But The Dirty Feathers aren’t just another derivative garage-rock gang trying to cash in on the sound–Midnight Snakes stands alone in its brilliance, and it ain’t no one-trick serpent. It’s got party rockers like the groovy title track and “Echo Hands,” the searing opening number, but it also can turn around and make you sit still and, y’know, think. By the middle of “Blue Flame” I was feeling like Forrest Gump’s darling Jenny as she teeters high atop her hotel balcony railing, drugged out and debating if she should just fly one last time and end it all. Heavy stuff, man.

Mostly though, The Dirty Feathers are all about getting your own dirty tailfeathers shaking, and they do it well across Midnight Snakes‘ seven tracks. They are true champs of making the old sound new again, and that’s why I so favorably compare it to Mr. White (well, that, and their guitar tone). Being able to revisit an era that happened way before you were even a twinkle in your papa’s eye is a dangerous game. It can come off schlocky or just plain insincere, but The Dirty Feathers manage to walk the line with surprising swagger. This isn’t the psychedelic blues of yesteryear–it’s updated with vigor and originality, a definitively modern take on what it means to be rock ‘n’ roll.

It’s certainly not the doom or the sludge you might be used to hearing here at The Soda Shop, but Midnight Snakes is worth a listen. It’s definitely more LSD than shrooms or weed, I’d say. So, y’know, on one of those nights, maybe. And if it doesn’t quite sate your psychedelic hunger, hit up The Dirty Feathers’ Bandcamp to drop another hit with their newest single, “If Your Love Is a Drug (Then I’m Feeling Sick)”. Guaranteed to satisfy, like a sweet Carolina rub.


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