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Review-Satellite Beaver-The Last Bow EP


Satellite Beaver. Great fucking name. Great fucking EP.

Formed in Warsaw in 2008, Satellite Beaver is a hard rocking stoner band that needs to make an LP after hearing this 4 song EP.

All the way from Poland, never knew of em, so I checked out their facebook page. Instant connection because the band used the Oregon State Beaver mascot for a “Worship Satan” jpeg. Love it because I am from the Great Pacific Northwest (and I hate those beavers…. one of only a few beavers I hate) By know the EP is tearing me a new asshole via my headphones. “Pershing” kicks it off with HARD rock fuzz and in your face vocals that influences another bong rip, Busch Light, and much ass shaking. “Urania” is so damn low and fuzzy I watched its gigantic thickness knock plaster from my walls. Marching along at sludge pace. “Way Before” is a little faster and more straight ahead rock and fucking roll. Great dirty sound. Gutsy and gritty.

The EP ends way to fucking soon with a down-tuned “Roadtrip”. A trip through the windy desert. Relentless sand storms stinging your face as the sands below swallow your feet with every heavy step. Grinding you down and swallowing your remains.

Satellite Beavers’ “Last Bow” is too damn short. Fuck. I dig it. It is as heavy as anything you know to be heavy. Thick fuzz that is not playful, but purposeful and demanding. A grinding monsterous sound. I am putting Satellite Beaver in my sights…give me more!!!!/SatelliteBeaver


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