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Review-Satellite Beaver-The Last Bow EP


Satellite Beaver. Great fucking name. Great fucking EP.

Formed in Warsaw in 2008, Satellite Beaver is a hard rocking stoner band that needs to make an LP after hearing this 4 song EP.

All the way from Poland, never knew of em, so I checked out their facebook page. Instant connection because the band used the Oregon State Beaver mascot for a “Worship Satan” jpeg. Love it because I (more…)

Review- Naam-The Ballad of the Starchild EP

Naam is a Brookln based psych stoner band that is releasing a trip of an EP, The Ballad of the Starchild, on May 8th through Tee Pee Records. It’s a ambitious journey of psychedelic sounds and musical gentleness. It is something to get lost in.

“Sentry of Skies” is chill and stoney. The music trickles with a constant beat and gentle guitar that lifts me off with great care and ease. Relaxing. “Lands Unknown” sends rings of Saturn around my (more…)


Cortez is a Boston based 4 piece that recently released their first full length. Fuck me running. This album is impressive; from the amazing guitar shredding, monster drums and bass, amazing vocals, and a production sound that keeps it all nice and tight. I’m jealous of the Boston area motherfuckers that get to see these guys play live on a regular basis. Kick ass heavy rock and roll doom. Period.

This self titled album opens with “Johnny”, a catchy tune that thumps and pumps the adrenaline. Growly and bluesy vocals. “All Hail” comes in a little heavier and stronger. Which seems impossible (more…)

Review-Earth Burnt Black-Harrowing Catharsis

Earth Burnt Black is a destructive beast of a quartet fromColorado. Three of the four members are listed as vocals…and let me tell you something…the vocal range and use of them against so many different tidal waves of music makes this a metal lover’s dream album. I am a huge fan of bands like killwhitneydead…Wolves in the Throne Room…ISIS…so I like my metal vocals to be doomy death!!! Earth Burnt Black is doomy death metal with that progressive edge.

“Intro” is doom and doom and doom!!! Hollow vocals pound a trance into my head while screams echo in the background. Then we scream our way into the melodic monster “The March” for almost 10 minutes. Moving like an indestructible mass of warriors on a death march…this track is relentless and gracefully reveals the destruction and beauty of such a march. “Adornment” spends the first 6 (more…)

Review – Awooga – V Column

Awooga is a three piece from Sheffield, England. These three troublemakers have been giving ‘em hell since 2008 with a progressive sound that is psychedelic and pure rock. The 5 song EP, V Column, is the bands second EP and it sounds amazing.

The vocals from Awooga range from reverb beauty to a fucking punch in the gut. The music is gorgeously heavy. Perfectly progressive. “Thief” is how we begin…a beautiful track that shows off the chops and rhythm section of these boys. It’s kinda tough to place the sound of Awooga…it’s all good…just not easy to put a label on it….yea! (more…)

Review-Dawn Storm Watchers-S/T EP

My preparation for the 4 song EP from Dawn Storm Watchers begins and ends with a couple bowls of a new strain that won a local cannabis cup…The White. I am damn reviewer of stoner rock…and it a requirement…just a nice ingredient. It looks like its covered in snow….psst….that’s a good thing…dense thick trichomes…which leds me into the thickness and stoney vibe of DSW…

“Requiem for a Dying Planet” is gentle. Clicking cymbals move from ear to ear and the psychedelic vocals trickle over the low hum of the other elements. Then we slip off of the gentle rolling meadow near the edge of the forest…and get lost in the thickness and weight of the dense woods. I can hardly see the stars through the intertwining branches and overlapping leaves and needles. Perfectly losing my way. (more…)


One of our main dudes here at TSS asked us others for a bandcamp recommendation a few months ago. I found Alaskan. My jaw dropped…my head nodded…I began to conquer with confidence.

The trio from Ottawa is back with another crushing album, “Adversity;Woe”. I am a huge fan of Aaron Turner and ISIS. Have been since I heard Oceanic. Same feeling up my shivering spine when I heard Alaskan…and the newest effort sees the band sharpening their teeth and moving in a direction that I see as defining for them. Not that a band like this needs to be defined…only appreciated.

Opening with “Realisation”, the waves roll in under the black sky…churning….thundering….then full tsunami hits with “Congonhas”. I mean thick and deep black waves of overlapping vocals and (more…)