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What’s It Worth To You?

Ah the internet. What a magical place it can be. Over the years it’s opened up a whole new world not available to us before. It’s allowed us to find new and interesting music from every corner of the world. It’s also opened up the ability to find and purchase music well out of our market as long as the person selling was willing to send it out. Recently there was an article on The Obelisk about JJ’s purchase of Colour Haze’s Chopping Machine. He paid a pretty penny for it. Just a while ago, an auction on Ebay for Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats Blood Lust on Lp for $1,078.75. A copy of The Desert Sessions Vol 1 10″ vinyl closed for $223.50 minutes later. It got me wondering about my own collecting habits and what I’ve paid for music. I know in the past I’ve bought a sealed copy of Dozer’s In the Tail of a Comet from Man’s Ruin for $35. Before Godsmack made it big they recorded an album called All Wound Up. That album would later get remastered and become their self titled (more…)

Vincebus Eruptum Magazine 12 Updates

Just a friendly reminder that issue 12 of Vincebus Eruptum issue 12 is available for purchase in our online store. The issue is available in 2 versions, the magazine by itself or the version with the included comp album featuring some of the best heavy psych tracks out today. The track list is as follows:

Core “Mood Disorder”
OJM “Har(D)ucks”
That’s All Folks! “Hyponotic Pulse”
The Freeks “Vitamin D”
Tectonic Break “Maria”
E.X.P. “DNA Connects Just Like A Kids Tumble”
Vic Du Monte’s Persona Non Grata “Man on a Mission”
Vibravoid “Photosynthesis in Darkness”
Zippo “Night Jam #2”
Colt38 “Amplesso in Dom” (more…)

FARM FEST 2012 (Farmageddon)

As you may have remembered from last year when we covered Farm Fest V, it is now that time of the year to announce this year’s Farm Fest. This year’s lineup looks mighty impressive with a few bands that I’ve known for a while, at least by name. If you’re into psychedelic rock, enjoy drinking in the warm sun, and you’re willing to have a great time in Maryland after July 4th, then you’ll probably want to join us in being at Farm Fest. Plus, if the Mayans are right, what better way to help the year go out with a bang?! (more…)

Epic Album of the Week – Electric Mud

Written by Ian Gerber

For The Soda Shop

So…we all know about fuzz rock these days.  Hell, we even call it “Fuzz Rock” as a point clarification in conversations we have amongst the hordes of underground rock fans we run into.  In 1968 Muddy Waters didn’t know what fuzz rock was, but he made a cornerstone record in regards to developing the sound.  “Electric Mud” is not your typical Muddy Waters records. (more…)

Epic Album of the Week: Kind of Blue – Miles Davis

Written by Ian Gerber

For The Soda Shop

Welcome back!  I hope the holidays brought a lot of awesome into your life.  If not, let me help.

I figure that the first Epic Album of the Week be something special…so we are going old school.  This week’s album is Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. (more…)

Heavy Pink, 7″ Vinyl

I can feel doom like
Something under the sheets with bristles
That stinks and moves
Toward me….
“A Nice Day,” Charles Bukowski, Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame

From that Maple Forum label… home of those monsters Roareth, we get, bien sûr, this band… this band called Heavy Pink. Which, in all seriousness… well… I can’t go into it here. (more…)

2011 Recap; Hello 2012

By time you read this, 2011 will be of a distant memory. 2012 is upon us and ready to rear its ugly head and possibly end. I hope that everyone’s New Years celebration was a fun and safe one.

2011 was an interesting year for The Soda Shop. First off we seen many many many new releases, a lot more than was expected. We seen some great debut albums like Borracho and The Heavy Eyes. There were quite a bit of albums to hit unexpectedly as well. “Business,” so to speak, picked up quite a bit for The Soda Shop too. As expected, hits to the site and submissions were through the roof. There was so much that I can’t keep up with it all. Between an increase in hours at my day job, the mandatory family time, the time I’ve had left to handle stuff at The Soda Shop has dwindled. If you’ve submitted something, it’ll be attended to but it may take some time. I’ll have my first review of 2012 out soon. I’ve been listening to the album almost non stop for just about 2 weeks. it’s really gotten a grip on me. Once I get that out of the way, I’ll be continuing more reviews trying to get in older submissions done first but mixing in newer ones as well. (more…)