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Review – Henry’s Funeral Show – Donkey Jacket

Alive Naturalsound sure knows how to find good bands and scoop them up. Henry’s Funeral Shoe is no exception. Donkey Jacket, due out in October, is their sophomore release. You wouldn’t be able to tell though as I don’t think the guys have ever heard of a “sophomore slump”.

Henry’s Funeral Shoe is the brain child of brothers Aled and Brennig Clifford. This 2 piece duo from South Wales knows how to get things done. Donkey Jacket starts off with a rip roaring guitar of Aled on “Be Your Own Invention” which upon first listen, starts off sounding a little like “La Grange’ by ZZ Top. “Love Is A Fever” (which can be heard below) is another blues based rock song. “Bottom To Top” is a more mellower song featuring acoustic guitar and is a more old style country music. “Anvil & Chains” roughs it up a bit and features some harmonica. It has that true delta blues vibe to it and even sounds like it could be a Five Horse Johnson song. “Dog Scratched Ear” has a nice mellow, catchy, even bass line. It really takes off and (more…)