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Bandcamp Recommendations – 4/26/2012

Colornoise is a noise rock duo formed by Sonya Carmona (Lead vocals, guitar) and Alison Alvarado (Drums, vocals). The style of the band is strongly marked by genres such as stoner rock, grunge, garage and post punk.
The project started in 2009 when the girls created a couple of songs in jamming sessions that they enjoyed playing for friends. Being only two, they decide to make their first album.



Bandcamp Recommendations 05/05/2011

It’s the first Thursday of May. It’s almost a full year of me doing these Bandcamp Recommendations. This is probably my favorite part of the whole blog. I get to discover some good, no, great free music and share it with you. The musicians in all thee posts put in their hard time and effort (not to mention hard earned money) into bringing you these tunes. Make sure you show them your apprectiation and donate what you can. Buy some past material, t-shirts, concert tickets or help spread the word on your own social network pages.

The first band is quite unique. The band is called Colornoise and this is their album Fake Apocalypse. Colornoise is a 2 piece all female band from Costa Rica. They play a mix of stoner rock, grunge, garage rock and punk. It sounds amazingly good and refreshing from the everyday norm.