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Borracho New Video

Washington, DC, April 4, 2012 — The opening one-two punch of 2011’s stoner rock surprise, Splitting Sky, has been immortalized in video and is now available from the band’s YouTube channel. The video for the track “Concentric Circles,” which was released in October 2011 as a 7″ single along with the Spanish version “Círculos Concéntricos” by Ghost Highway Recordings (Spain) and Fandango Records (US), adds a strong visual statement of destruction to the hard hitting song.

Two versions of the clip have been cut – one featuring the single track, and another that includes Splitting Sky intro track “Redemption” leading into the featured song, just as on the album. The video was shot in January, capturing the band in a performance setting. Intercut with the performance footage are vintage scenes of destruction, atrocity and mayhem that add to the impact and power of the song. (more…)

Borracho Updates

By way of the band’s newsletter:

Cover art for Borracho's single 'Concentric Circles'
Cover art for “Concentric Circles”
New Merch

Two new vinyl releases!

That’s right boys and girls. Borracho will bring in October with not one, but TWO new vinyl releases. First, the much anticipated release of Splitting Sky on blue-splatter wax with hand-screened sleeves of all original art from STE will hit the shores of the US next week. While a firm release date is not being promised, there may be copies on-hand for the band’s September 21 appearance with Karma to Burn at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC. Fans in Europe can order directly from No Balls Records starting around September 26, and the LP will be available directly from the band on their website. Contact us at

And, as a treat to our Latin American and Spanish fans, a limited edition 7″ release of “Círculos Concéntricos” — the Spanish version of the album track Concentric Circles — is being released jointly on Fandango Records in the US and Ghost Highway Recordings in Spain, and will be available through both labels and on or around September 30. Grab a copy while you can. For you collectors, 150 copies will have sleeves in Spanish, and 150 will have sleeves in English. Grab one of each!