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Top 20 of 2010 – Henry’s Picks

Feel free to call me nerd and wedgie/ swirlie me, but I love statistics. I love reading them, interpreting them, thinking that I actually learned something from them. SO, I’ve attempted to analyze (descriptives only) the contents of my “Top 20 of 2010” by genre, and see what I could derive from said analysis. (more…)


Review — Dawnbringer — Nucleus


DAWNBRINGER: Keith Richards sits in with Mercyful Fate, plays Pink Floyd covers.

you feel your interest rise and you desire more… read more here. listen to it here. hear it all the way through and tell me that seemingly-hyperbolic tagline doesn’t sum it up—were you to think me wrong, I accept Trollish comments….

I found myself fascinated, like schadenfreude, like morbid pity, like the dread after a distant gunshot with nucleus and its atmosphere