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Review – Asphyx – Deathhammer

Deathhammer is prototypical “brutal” death/ doom metal: i.e., grunted/rasped vocals over wildly-detuned-yet-fairly-simple riffs– It’s more primal, simpler, than Martin van Drunen’s other extant outfit, Hail of Bullets…

There’s two types of songs herein:  fast/deathy and slow/doomy. Thus follows the highlights of either category….

Slowish, doom-metally:

“We Doom You to Death,” is particularly memorable and a great riff in general, like a European Sleep tribute band… “As the Magma Mammoth Rises” is a 7-minute-ish lurching doom-metal-by-way-of-death-metal tune: they’re both great, and yet though somehow slow and low-tuned, somehow still reminiscent of Hail of Bullets without being an obvious ripoff the said act… more like Death (the band and the phenomenon) on Quaaludes…. (more…)


Review – Christian Mistress – Possession

Very like The Devil’s Blood (i.e., highly capable female singer with traditional doom metal/ rock music background), but more 70s rock/metal, less 70s rock/pop. If that made any sense.

Shut up. You read this site. You knew very well what I meant.

“Over and over,” a satanic T-rex, a heavier Kansas… “Pentagram and Crucifix,” almost like a track from Danzig’s eponymous debut (and very nearly as sweet) with its alternating time (i.e., downbeat to forebeat in the verse)… “Conviction” is an (improbably) Y&T-like ripper….

“The Way Beyond” fires up a lap steel-laced acoustic intro and slows things down for a minute or two, before igniting a “Children of the Grave”-esque riff–

seriously, if you’re reading this site, you love stoner/doom riffs. This track alone would complete you sexually: (more…)

Top 20 of 2011– Henry’s Picks

Honorable Mention:
Indian, Guiltless

Top 20:

20: Skeletonwitch, Forever Abomination

Genre-less pure metal: 1982 Metallica, covering Iron Maiden, with Cronos singing.

19: Hour of 13, The Ritualist

Totally generic but awesome satanic Sabbath riff-worship. (more…)

Review – Anatomia – Dissected Humanity

Vibrant Japanese death metal band– playing doom metal.

Opener “Carnal Mutilation”= straight ahead death metal until about 2 minutes in, when it drops into a fucking great doom riff: also, over the riff  there is what I’m pretty sure is a wild boar grunting (don’t ask how I know that)– if that is actually the singer: kudos to you, Sir– kudos! (more…)