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Review – Left Lane Cruiser – Junkyard Speed Ball

It’s always an interesting prospect listening to an artist’s album after hearing them playing live. You always hear of comparing a live performance to what the studio releases sound like. It’s a first for me that I get to hear an album after experiencing the band live, including several songs from the album. If the live show was any indication of the album, it will be loud, powerful, and very satisfying.

Junkyard Speed Ball is the fourth studio album and latest release from Fort Wayne, IN punk, country-blues rockers (AKA deep blues), Left Lane Cruiser, out now onĀ Alive Naturalsound Records. My first introduction to the band was a single track off of their album, All You Can Eat!!, called “Hillgrass Bluebilly”. Speaking of which, you can get the song free (among others) from Exploding in Sound. (more…)