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Stoner Rock, Heavy Rock, Beard Rock: Small Stone’s got it L.A. and Austin

Monday, March 12, 2012
Los Globos Nightclub, 3040 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90026 (more…)


Detroit label will feature seven of heavy rock’s best at Headhunters in Austin, TX, on Friday, March 16

DETROIT, MI—Now entering its 17th year of operation, Small Stone Records has announced the final
lineup for its 2012 SXSW showcase, set to take place Friday, March 16, on the outside back patio at
Headhunters on Red River in Austin, TX. The label, home to the best in heavy and ‘70s-fueled motor
rock, has assembled a roster of new and old blood for a night that’s sure to remind Austin why it loves
volume so much in the first place.

Top 20 of 2011 – Jake’s Picks

Shortly after I wrote last year’s Top 20 list, I knew it was going to be interesting to write this year’s. I’ll be honest, I didn’t hold out much hope for 2011 after the year that 2010 was. There were several huge releases in ’10 that I figured would put it on top for, at least, a few years. Sure, there were a few heavily anticipated releases I knew were coming in ’11 like Graveyard‘s Hisingen Blues, but that still paled in comparison. It wasn’t until this year started to go along that it was clear that 2011 was just as good, if not better, than 2010. This was helped along by several amazing hidden gems that were discovered throughout the year. I must have had fun discovering and enjoying all of this music because 2011 flew by faster than any year in recent memory.

In comparing last year to this year, I did find something curious. Last year, Bill and I shared similar lists with 10 matching entries with several of those in nearly identical placements on our lists. This year, things are a bit different. I only count 7 matches, and only 2 with a similar position. Consider the additional albums on this list an early Christmas gift from the cosmos.

As always, the creating of these lists are extremely hard, and I hate to leave some very deserving bands off of a list like this. Unfortunately, I can’t include every amazing album on this list. This year’s list has been worked on all year. I’ve meticulously arranged albums as I’ve listened to them throughout this year, continually going back to adjust their standings. Some bands have moved up, some have moved down, and some have flew to the top, seemingly out of nowhere. (more…)

Top 20 of 2011 – Bill’s Picks

Well it’s that time of year again. Time to name my favorite albums of 2011. 2011 brought us a lot of good stuff by a lot of great bands. 2011 also brought on a lot of surprises from bands that were really unknown until their material was released or well afterwards. Bandcamp played a huge role in music discovery for me. It turned out hundreds of great albums not only released in 2011 but in years past as well. This list, my favorites as well as honorable mentions, is no way a complete list of what was released this year. There is just to much out there that I don’t either have time to get to, never heard of or won’t discover until well after this year is completely over. I know there’s going to be a few surprises. Let it be known that I listened to a LOT of new albums this year and picking my top 20 out of the hundreds was very hard to do.

20. The Sade – Damned Love – (review) I really didn’t know what to expect when this one came across my desk but I needed to check it out. And check it out I did. I was pretty damn impressed that I listened to the album at least 10 times in a row. In my review I stated “The majority of the album is all alchchol fueled hard rock. Throughout my listening of the album I couldn’t help but think that this is what Social Distortion may sound like if they were more rooted in 70′s hard rock as opposed to their punk roots.” Granted it’s been a few months since I’ve listened to it, it still has a strong spot in my top 20.



Small Stone SXSW 2012 Line Up

Small Stone Records just updated their Facebook status with the following message for SXSW 2012. Here it is:

So, after lot’s of emails and other nonesense, we are please to announce the Official Small Stone Showcase at SXSW 2012.

Date: Friday March,16th
Venue: Head Hunters (Outside Back Patio):
Tentative Line Up:

1am: Tia Carrera
12mid: Dixie Witch
11pm: Lo-Pan (more…)

Review – Infernal Overdrive – Last Rays of the Dying Sun

Do you like southern rock? How about heavy guitar driven rock? Are you a fan of Roadsaw, Dixie Witch and/or Gozu? Well here’s something you DON’T want to miss. New Jersey’s own Infernal Overdrive have been around for a few years now and have released one 4 track self titled EP. The band is going to begin 2012 right by releasing their first full length on Small Stone Records. The album, Last Rays of the Dying Sun, is a combination of the 4 track EP as well as new material making it’s debut just for this album. I proudly own a copy of the EP and my one gripe is that it was to short. Despite “Motor” being over 13 minutes long, I wanted more. Well now I got my wish.

The whole album is full of some great sounding guitar riffs, catchy hooks, awesome vocals and lyrics and awesome drumming.”Cage” (which can be heard below) features a killer beat and some of the best guitar playing I’ve heard in a while. “Electric Street Cred” is one fucking masterpiece of a (more…)

Review – Dixie Witch – Let It Roll

Dixie Witch are back and in full force. Let It Roll is the band’s 4th album in 10 years and it packs quite the punch.

Dixie Witch, for those that don’t know, play hard southern rock. They have a good reputation for turning out great music as is evident by their continued success from album to album. There’s an old saying that goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Dixie Witch seems to be going by this saying as Let it Roll doesn’t stray to far from past releases. That isn’t to say though that it’s more of the same, far from it actually. The songs on Let it Roll seem to be more mature and more refined. It has a bit of a Monster Magnet feeling to it. Perhaps it’s the addition of guitarist Joshua “JT” Todd Smith and his style and flare. I don’t know but I like it. I must like it a lot as I have about 10 plays of the album so far in the short time I’ve had it and it’s playing now (more…)