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ROMERO celebrates 4/20 with FREE DOWNLOAD!

Heavy rockers, ROMERO, are celebrating the high holiday by releasing a pair of tracks for free download.  “Couch Lock” and “In The Heather” are available for FREE in multiple formats.  This release is the band’s second for Grindcore Karaoke, the online label headed by J. Randall of AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED (Relapse).  In addition to the download, ROMERO is releasing a LIMITED EDITION cassette package with 3D artwork, poster & 3D glasses.

Download the tracks here: (more…)

Daily Bandcamp Album – Major Kong – Doom For The Black Sun

Instrumental doom metal trio from Lublin, Poland. They began their journey in late 2010, initially as a project alongside their parent band – Fifty Foot Woman. After a couple of months they recoded 4 track EP “Orogeneis” and began serving their slow guitar hypnosis live. Currently they’re looking for label to release “Doom for the Black Sun” – their debut album made in 2012.

SLEEP: Southern Lord To Unleash Dopesmoker Deluxe Reissue

official press release:


SLEEP: Southern Lord To Unleash Dopesmoker Deluxe Reissue

News of almighty proportions has landed as Southern Lord announce a deluxe reissue of one of the towering achievements in metal history, Dopesmoker by SLEEP. (more…)

CHRISTIAN MISTRESS Premiere New Video; Announce European Tour Dates

Following on the heels of the release of their Relapse Records debut Possession, CHRISTIAN MISTRESS are premiering the video for their song “Pentagram and Crucifix”. The clip was shot in the band’s hometown of Olympia, Washington and directed by Christine Davis and David Hoekje. Check out the exclusive premiere courtesy of Pitchfork HERE. (or below) (more…)

PILGRIM: Rhode Island Doom Trio To Appear On East Village Radio This Tuesday

PILGRIM: Rhode Island Doom Trio To Appear On East Village Radio This Tuesday

East Coast Mini Tour To Commence March 1


Rhode Island doom bringers PILGRIM will appear live on East Village Radio’s Metal Inquisition Show this Tuesday, February 28 from 10:00PM – 12:00AM EST. For the first half of the show, the band will be spinning tunes from their own playlist. During the second half, PILGRIM’s latest full-length, Misery Wizard will be played in its entirety. To hear the show, go to THIS LOCATION.


Daily Bandcamp Album – Shroud Eater – ThunderNoise

For the album at hand, ThunderNoise works best as an advertisement for the songs themselves, as a means of letting those who find them know that Shroud Eater have a creative take on the sludge of the day that’s headed in an individual direction if not completely arrived yet. Shroud Eater’s tracks speak well of the band’s potential as a unit.

-The Obelisk

Daily Bandcamp Album – Orchid – Through The Devil’s Door

Orchid is a doom rock band from San Francisco, CA. They formed in 2007 and signed with the respected doom label The Church Within Records (Germany) in 2009. The have 2 releases, the 2009 EP Through the Devil’s Doorway, and the 2011 full length Capricorn.

This is some good fucking music!

Introducing… Psyconauts

From the deepest space, a new form of life is born ….. This new form of life is able to deliver deep sound waves and full of distortion, saturated and subliminal …. The march has begun and it is impossible not be incorporated …… Open your mind and be transported to the cosmic shores and mystical arid territories …. (more…)

Daily Bandcamp Album – One Inch Giant – Malva

One Inch Giant come from Sweden. They play a sound that is very similiar to The Truckfighters. This album has been getting a lot of press lately and rightfully so, it’s pretty damn good. Fine desert influenced fuzz/stoner rock. Go get this now!

SAINT VITUS: New Album Release Date Announced

via Blabbermouth

“Lillie: F-65”, the eighth studio album from doom legends SAINT VITUS — and their first since 1995 — will be released on March 27, 2012 in North America (four days earlier in Europe) via Season Of Mist.

Speaking to Terrorizer magazine, SAINT VITUS frontman Scott “Wino” Weinrich stated about the title, “Y’know the reason we called it ‘Lillie: F-65’? It was a powerful downer back in our day and well, Dave [Chandler, guitar] really had a thing for his downers.”

SAINT VITUS‘ current lineup features Chandler, drummer Henry Vasquez, bassist Mark Adams and Weinrich.

Daily Bandcamp Album – Master Charger – Unity in Black

MASTER CHARGER! A four piece unit conceived in the blackest heart of Nottinghamshire England. The band are a fusion of late 1960’s psychedelic rock and the rock / heavy metal acts of the 1970’s. Throw in a mix of punk and working class frustration and you have the sound that is MASTER CHARGER. 2009 saw the band spew forth it’s dropped tuned monster groove on their debut album “Southbound N’ Supercharged”. Master Charger then went on the road unleashing their dirge doom laden assault on the public, up and down the country, before recording a live studio jam which features alternative renditions of the songs that appear on the bands debut. Also on this recording there is an unreleased track entitled “Super Death Charged”. The recording shows how Master Charger like to jam out and projects their honest and raw live sound. The above mentioned recording is titled “Live At Unit 5. The Sessions Vol I”. Master Charger are looking to record again sometime in 2010 after completing the live gigs that they already have lined up this year so far, Some of which are the Terrorizer Grindhouse shows.

Electric Wizard Working on New Album

As announced on the band’s Facebook page today

ELECTRIC WIZARD have begun work on the follow-up to last years evil opus ‘Black Masses’.
Material has been demoed at a secret location and was so ‘malevolent and foreboding’ that 2 tracks will see the light of day as a 7″ EP scheduled for release at the forthcoming LONDON FORUM show on March 31st.
The show will also feature previews of the new songs and (at last!) specially filmed sequences for the video show and more to be announced……

Borracho’s Splitting Sky Out on Vinyl

DC Heavy Groove Rockers BORRACHO Offer Rock, New Vinyl, at Comet Ping Pong This Friday
Washington, DC – October 19, 2011 – Local DC stonerrockers, Borracho, have added multiple vinyl releases to their offerings.  As of today, Borracho’s debut full-length album, Splitting Sky is available on 180g blue-splatter-on-clear vinyl produced in limited quantities by Germany’s No Balls Records.  The release— dubbed an “Instant Classic” by—will be accompanied by hand screened and numbered sleeves.

Adding another number to stable, Spain’s Ghost Highway Recordings and DC’s own Fandango Records have come together to release the first single off of Splitting Sky in both English and Spanish.  Concentric Circles/Círculos Concéntricos is being released today on 180g gold vinyl in both the US (more…)

Bandcamp Recommendations 9/22/2011

Another week, another Bandcamp Recommendation. All music is free. Some bands have a “Name your price” activated. If you dig the tunes, slip a few $$$ their way or buy some other merch from them.

Boston’s own Black Thai are first with their first EP release called Blood From On High. Those who are into heavy rock with doom and metal will like this.


Borracho Updates

By way of the band’s newsletter:

Cover art for Borracho's single 'Concentric Circles'
Cover art for “Concentric Circles”
New Merch

Two new vinyl releases!

That’s right boys and girls. Borracho will bring in October with not one, but TWO new vinyl releases. First, the much anticipated release of Splitting Sky on blue-splatter wax with hand-screened sleeves of all original art from STE will hit the shores of the US next week. While a firm release date is not being promised, there may be copies on-hand for the band’s September 21 appearance with Karma to Burn at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC. Fans in Europe can order directly from No Balls Records starting around September 26, and the LP will be available directly from the band on their website. Contact us at

And, as a treat to our Latin American and Spanish fans, a limited edition 7″ release of “Círculos Concéntricos” — the Spanish version of the album track Concentric Circles — is being released jointly on Fandango Records in the US and Ghost Highway Recordings in Spain, and will be available through both labels and on or around September 30. Grab a copy while you can. For you collectors, 150 copies will have sleeves in Spanish, and 150 will have sleeves in English. Grab one of each!


Upcoming Borracho Shows

ew this email in your browser. Forward to a Friend.


Ahh September… Fall’s just around the corner, the kiddies go back to school and your Borracho hits the road! We’ve got a bunch of new show dates lined up including our triumphal return to Richmond, Virgina, USA. We hope to see you out “at the club” for a groovy good rocking.

Cover art for Borracho's Debut LP Splitting Sky

Debut LP Splitting SkyNow Available!ORDER NOW

Borracho live at Wonderland in Richmond, Va., 9.9.11
September 9, 2011
8:00 PM


Richmond, VA
with Black Thai
& Pike Possum
Borracho live at the Rock-n-Roll Hotel in Washington, DC., 9.21.11
September 21, 2011
8:00 PM

Rock & Roll Hotel

Washington, DC
with Karma to Burn
& King Giant

TSSR Presents: The Hedons – Earth On My Nerves

Hot off the heels of the album’s review, The Soda Shop Records proudly presents The Hedons Earth on my Nerves for FREE download and ONLY through The Soda Shop Records.

Released June 21st, 2011 by Resin Hit Records www.resinhitrecords.comFormed shortly after the dissolution of Indy doom giants NECROPHARMACON in the hot summer of 2010, THE HEDONS are an unapologetic hybrid of punk, fuzz, doom, and psychedelic rock. Composed of Jeff Kaleth on guitars and effects, Ryan Strawsma on bass and low-end, and Jace Epple on drums and percussion, this power trio blends an elegant dance of hypnotic and screechy exclamations with guitar and bass-driven melodies. Driven and inventive, this band is all about the release, in whatever shocking form of pleasure it may take.
released 21 June 2011
THE HEDONS – Earth on my NervesJace Epple – Drums and Backup Vox
Jeff Kaleth – Guitars and Vox
Robert Ryan Strawsma – Bass and Vox (more…)

Bandcamp Recommendations 8/11/2011

Hey, Bandcamp Recommendations. Good stuff throughout. All free of course. Buy your own copies and support the bands whenever possible in whatever way possible.


“Santiago rock trio. Formed in 2010 near the 27F earthquake and displaying a simple idea, taking distance from the vocal paradigms and offering musical structures that have not been heard before. The debut album, entirely self-produced, consists of 9 tracks and while the band’s style is closer to math-rock you can see a post-rock influence in the delivery and that is the reason for the name Paroxetine, with a mission to raise, motivate or outrage in a style that sets them apart from the depressing post-rock, without leaving aside the emotion in each of the subjects we present in our record while we ride a bike, we go to funerals and witness terrible childhoods inside a country that punch us in the face everyday, but do not depress or beat us in anyway.”


Bandcamp Recommendations 7/14/2011

Well after a long vacation for the 4th of July and trying to catch up on personal business last week, I had skipped the Bandcamp Recommendations. No time, sorry. This week though, there’s some good stuff abroad. This is a hard rock filled feature today. Sit back, stretch your sacks cause here’s the Bandcamp Recommendations.

Last year we received a submission from Jeremy Moore. Jeremy is the one man force behind Gorzade. The material was good to honest great blues, hard and doom rock. At the time there was no (known) site to listen to the music. Such a shame too because it was excellent. Recently Jeremy contacted me to let me know that there was some new material for listening. I’ll say I’m guilty of not listening to the whole album (yet), I’ve heard enough to certainly recommend to download this excellent release. Don’t hesitate.


Review – Royal Thunder – Royal Thunder

I’ve been sitting on this one and enjoying it for quite some time now. The band is Royal Thunder, they’re from Atlanta, GA and this is their self titled EP. The EP is comprised of one part hard rock, one part doom metal and all kick ass.

The album starts out with an intro that last 1:40 then gets right into the first track, “Sleeping Witch.” The tracks have a nice even flow to them. The music is doomy but not in a deep heavy tune. It’s more of a nice melodic album. Take a little bit of Evanescence with the vocals of a drug free and more talented Courtney Love. The music is actually pretty entrancing and great to sit and mellow out to. (more…)

Alunah Signs Record Deals

It has been announced that Birmingham based Alunah have signed a deal with Psychedoomelic Records; an Austrian label dedicated to doom metal who have worked with such notable bands as Ramesses, Pale Divine, Penance, Orodruin, Voodoo Shock and Wall of Sleep etc. In the same week the band also signed a re-release deal with Seattle based Doom Metal Alliance Records. (more…)

Bandcamp Recommendations 4/7/2011

This first band was recommended in a group that I belong to on Facebook. What a pick it is too (Thanks Alex). The group is called Hot Fiction and this is their album Dark Room. The style is a mix between The Black Keys and The Heavy with some delta blues, a little psychedelia and a little touch of The Black Angels. This is a must have!


Swedish Sunday – Magnus Pelander

Last week’s feature brought you one of the best that today’s stoner/doom has to offer with Witchcraft. This week, we’re doing something  a tad bit different. We’re featuring Magnus Pelander, the voice of the mighty Witchcraft. (more…)

Bandcamp Recommendations 12/09/2010

Is it Thursday again? Oh wait, it is. Well I guess that means we have to do another Bandcamp Recommendation. Well, we don’t have to. Finding new music is just as fun as listening to it. So I’ve gone and offered up some more choice music for you this week. Just remember, if you like it, support the band in any way that you can. Buy their tunes, see their show or order some swag.

The Muddy Reds were recently a New Band To Burn One to as well as had their album reviewed by us. 

The album is a combination of early Rolling Stones, Robin Trower, classic and southern rock. This is a soulful album right from the get go. It changes itself up from slow to fast throughout but has a nice even flow. The balance between blues rock and classic rock is as about perfect as one can get.