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Bandcamp Recommendations 9/29/2011

Big heavy week for Bandcamp Recommendations this week. Lots of heavy stuff for your ears. Consider this a double dose of the normal. There’s been so much discovered, it would be a shame to put it off another week. With the weather starting to cool down, these awesome tunes will help keep you warm. All free of course, make sure you send them an email, message, wall post, tweet or whatever and let them know how much you like them. Buy some physical products, t shirts, concert tickets or beers (for the band, not you). Support them! Props out to A Distant Rumble, I know I got a few of these links from there but I can’t remember which ones.

The first band I found on the awesome Captain Beyond blog as they were featured on the blog’s own Bandcamp Recommendation feature. The band is Eidetic Seeing. Their self titled album is 39 minutes of heavy psych rock, good enough to get you stoned on the music alone.