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Introducing… Endless Boogie

“Meet Endless Boogie, the best-kept secret in New York’s rock scene. They have the best name (taken from John Lee Hooker’s 1971 album), the best onstage vibe and the best head-nodding jams. In a sea of derivative and freshly outfitted young bands, Endless Boogie — with a combined age of 169 and members who count Canned Heat as one of their influences — doesn’t have a big agenda. They just want to rock with you, preferably all night long. “We try boogie sometimes, but boogie’s hard,” says guitarist Jesper Eklow (aka “The Governor”) self-effacingly. “Boogie takes skill and we haven’t honed those skills yet.” The band’s sound is a meltdown of metal, psychedelic and classic rock with a heavy dose of riffage, a kick-ass beat and super-cryptic lyrics. It’s thunderous and mellow at once. To put it another way, it goes well with beer.

Aside from Eklow, the band is made up of Paul Major (aka “Top Dollar,” left) on guitar and vocals, Memories from Reno (right) on bass and Chris Gray (aka “Grease Control,” second from right) on drums. Needless to say, their collective knowledge of music is so expansive it’s a little scary. Endless Boogie played their first show in January of 2001 when their friend Steven Malkmus asked them to open for him at the Bowery Ballroom. Since then, (more…)

Review – Larman Clamor – Altars To Turn Blood

After 2 successful releases earlier in the year, Larman Clamor have released their latest full length album titled Altars To Turn Blood. For those of you new to the band, Larman Clamor are a two piece from Germany. They play a mixture of different styles including delta blues, lo-fi, garage, stoner, psychedelic and swamp rock.

Altars To Turn Blood channels some of the influences including ZZ Top, R.L. Burnside, Dr. John, Iron Butterfly, The White Stripes, Endless Boogie, early Monster Magnet, Clutch, Earth, Blackwolfgoat, and Creedence Clearwater Revival to name a few. It rocks hard and it’s also ambient and bluesy at the same time. The majority of the album is a bit more down tempo and mellow as is evident in tracks like “Handful of Hex,” “Altars To Turn Blood” and “Phantom & Rinosaur.” A few of the more upbeat songs are “Deep In The Tar” and “Limb Creek Boogie.” (more…)