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Top 20 of 2011 – Bill’s Picks

Well it’s that time of year again. Time to name my favorite albums of 2011. 2011 brought us a lot of good stuff by a lot of great bands. 2011 also brought on a lot of surprises from bands that were really unknown until their material was released or well afterwards. Bandcamp played a huge role in music discovery for me. It turned out hundreds of great albums not only released in 2011 but in years past as well. This list, my favorites as well as honorable mentions, is no way a complete list of what was released this year. There is just to much out there that I don’t either have time to get to, never heard of or won’t discover until well after this year is completely over. I know there’s going to be a few surprises. Let it be known that I listened to a LOT of new albums this year and picking my top 20 out of the hundreds was very hard to do.

20. The Sade – Damned Love – (review) I really didn’t know what to expect when this one came across my desk but I needed to check it out. And check it out I did. I was pretty damn impressed that I listened to the album at least 10 times in a row. In my review I stated “The majority of the album is all alchchol fueled hard rock. Throughout my listening of the album I couldn’t help but think that this is what Social Distortion may sound like if they were more rooted in 70′s hard rock as opposed to their punk roots.” Granted it’s been a few months since I’ve listened to it, it still has a strong spot in my top 20.



Review – Gordon Fights – Self Titled

Transubstans Records releases another fine record.

Written by Ian Gerber for The Soda Shop

There is some great music coming out of Sweden via Transubstans Records.  Along with Slidin’ Slim and Jeremy Irons & Ratgang Malibus’ great records (garnering my vote for some of the years best) comes Gordon Fights.  Mixing their modern, blues and soul style with psychedelic and classic rock into a rollicking, groove filled record, these guys can hold their own with any rock band out there today.

My first impression is that they are Sweden’s answer to Pearls & Brass and this album is as good or better than The Black Crowes records that they cut after Amorica.  Gordon Fights are actually quite bluesy and riff oriented, much like their label mates Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus but without as much reverb.  They have a couple of “prog” moments, but they don’t jump around from riff to riff just try to prove how amazing they are and they don’t ruin their soulful sound with overplaying their technical proficiency.  However, they do throw in some nice change ups in their songs (more…)