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Bandcamp Recommendations 4/12/2012

The Next Hundred Years is a band from Vancouver Canada. They play an interesting blend of hard rock citing influences such as Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age. Their sound is not desert rock though. Perhaps a heavier Queens though. Very good and highly recommended.


Current Rotation 4/28/2011

Happy Easter everyone. Welcome again to another Current Rotation. The following albums have been in my listening rotation for a little while now and I figured it was about time I share them with you.

The first album I’ve been enjoying for a few months now. The band is Domo and this is their self titled album. The band hails from France. They play some awesome instrumental psychedelic rock. There are some long and blistering tracks on this album that average around 8 1/2 minutes long but include some 11 and 14 minute tracks as well. The grand opus though is the massive 24 minute last track. These french bands really know how to get shit done. You can sample a few tracks on their Facebook and Myspace pages. If you want to get your own, email the band with the address provided on their Facebook page.