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Bandcamp Recommendations 3/29/2012

Here’s a band from Australia called Hydromedusa. They play hardcore sludgy, stoner rock. It’s very fast and aggressive. Lots of great riffs galore too.


Review – Nonagon – People Live Everywhere

Here’s a nice little surprise that popped up in the inbox recently. The band is local to these parts. They are Nonagon from Chicago, IL. They have a nifty little EP released a short time ago called People Live Everywhere. The album has that nice Midwest flavor to it. It’s pretty symbolic of a lot of independent music that comes out of Chicago. It’s hard rock with lots of punk influence. I do hear a bit of a Primus influence in there, I’m not quite sure why though. It’s not a Primus sounding album though so don’t get your hopes up. One other thing I like about this EP is that it’s consistent. The sound is consistent from song to song. It’s not that each song sounds the same, they don’t, they just have a cool style and sound that they stick to (more…)

Daily Bandcamp Album – deepspacepilots – deepspacepilots

Blending a unique style of, Psychedelic Rock, Doom, Ambient, and Shoegaze. Noted as one of the loudest bands in Chicago…

Interesting. I haven’t heard of these guys until recently. Their music is certainly different but yet familiar at the same time. Good stuff.

Killer Moon Video

017 Killer Moon from Kyle Obriot on Vimeo.

Bandcamp Recommendations 1/19/2011

Another week, more free music. This one has a little something for everyone from blues, to punk, to stoner to sludge. You know what to do.

EVIL COSMONAUT is an energetic amped-up garage-power-rock band with strong blues, boogie, classic hard rock, doom and stoner metal influences.


Bandcamp Recommendations 1/12/2012

Welcome to yet another great Bandcamp Recommendations feature. There’s some more choice albums here today. Lots to keep you busy. Remember, you like, you buy or support the band in any other way possible.

Featuring current and former members of American Heritage and Blood of the Tyrant, Heaving Mass skillfully blends its earth- shaking metal riffery with a keen sense of rhythm, resulting in songs that can trot along deftly at quick tempos while still carrying enough weight and gravity to satisfy the most doom-obsessed of listeners.