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Daily Bandcamp Album – Bonejackal – Rocket City Riot

Bonejackal plays rock and roll, no vocals, just raw to the nerve UFO rock and roll. Heavily influenced by classic rock the trio also blends elements of early psychedelic acts such as Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath and the proto-punk sounds of the Stooges, and the MC5.

Bandcamp Recommendations 4/19/2012

First up, Electric Taurus. The band sound is strongly influenced by the ’60 and ’70 Rock Blues Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Grand Funk Railroad, Cactus, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Leafhound, Primevil, Buffalo, Blue Oyster Cult, May Blitz, Pentagram, UFO, Kyuss, Sleep,Trouble, Electric Wizard, Clutch, Down, Spiritual Beggars, Otis. Producing an heavy blues sound that include heavy grooves and fat riffs and leaves space for improvisation on stage.

They have 3 songs available but need to be downloaded separately.


Daily Bandcamp Album – Black Bombaim – Titans

The Daily Bandcamp Album of the Day is the newly released Titans by Black Bombaim. This 3 piece from Barcelos plays some pretty wicked stoner mix with a lot of different styles including sludge, stoner, doom and psychedelic. The riffs are heavy and crushing at one moment then have your head spinning in space the next. I could swear I hear an Atomic Bitchwax influence here and there too. This album is huge, massive and deserves the name Titans. The whole album is nearly an hour long so make sure you set some time to the side to really soak this one in.

Daily Bandcamp Album – Black Thunder – Black Thunder

I’ll admit, I haven’t really looked into these guys at all. A quick search in Facebook turned up a lot of bands with the name Black Thunder. They were found on accident when searching through Bandcamp. These guys play heavy blues based riff rock. Think The Heavy Eyes. What more can I say? Listen for yourself, these guys are the real deal.

Introducing… Torso/Inside Review

Torso is an Quartett from Austria,playing complex Psychedelic/StonerRock influenced Sets.
Formed 2009 as “Montezuma”,an Instrumental 3 Piece performing trippy psychedelic Jams.
After Recording a Song for a Compilation,a fourth Member joined the Band.
From this Moment on it wasn’t only tripping outta Space.
Early 2011 a new Drummer joined Torso,completing the actual Lineup.
The first Album “Inside” was recorded on September and will be released in 2012 on “StoneFree Records”.

4 guys.
A psychedelic journey.
Influenced by early rock.
From deep in a hole. (more…)

Bandcamp Rcommendations 1/26/2012

Is it Thursday already? Yes, in fact, it’s the LAST Thursday this month. The month flew by pretty quickly. I’m going to stop beating around the bush. All FREE music. Support, support, support and support. If you like what you hear, give back in any way you can. Hell even a “like” on their Facebook page and telling all your friends works when all else fails. Anyways, the music, there are a few instrumentals this week. Lets give the vocalists some rest shall we?

Bear Baiting is the brainchild of bassists Matt Boylan (Cuneiform) and Dennis Valles (Helen 55). The two met at a mutual friend’s show and discussed a 2 bass project. Shortly after, the two got together and started writing material. Valles decided to program all the drums, and take a more DIY approach, tracking and mixing everything. We’re proud of our experiment, and hope you enjoy as well.Bear Baiting play instrumental post rock and shoegaze blend of music. Very interesting and very good stuff indeed.


Current Rotation 1/12/2012

I haven’t done one of these articles in a while. I’ve been to swamped with outside stuff that it’s been hard to get things done. Anyhow, here’s the latest batch of albums I’ve been listening to lately. It’s all over the place in terms of style. Fans of modern, hard rock, classic rock, instrumental, sludge and doom pay attention because you may like something here. Click the links on each section to go to a page where you can sample the band’s music and as always, click buy when you find something you like.

We all have those friends that are so picky about their music that they refuse to listen to and like anything that isn’t on the radio. Come on, you know it’s true. Well Ripple-Music have recently signed Irish hard rocking band Trucker Diablo. The album, The Devil Rhythm, is the perfect album to prove to those friends once and for all that good music does lie beyond what is available on the radio. The Devil Rhythm packs quite the hard rock punch full of heavy guitar riffs and aggressive vocals with a slight (and I mean slight) hint of progressive rock. Fine modern rock.

Ripple-Music (more…)