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Daily Bandcamp Albums – Friday The 13th Edition

Friday the 13th is a sort of taboo day. The superstitious type think anything that is bad can and will happen to them on this day. I call it bullshit but it’s also a great excuse to feature 13 great doomy, dark and eerie albums for the day. Each of these 13 albums could be the soundtrack to any horror/slasher movie. So, here they are, in no particular order with their crushing and coma inducing albums.

13: Love Sex Machine – Love Sex Machine: Love Sex Machine deliver the goods with bone chilling and crushing riffs.


Bandcamp Recommendations 4/5/2012

Grip of Delusion Radio has been the home for The Soda Shop Podcast since this past October. April 1st was the first birthday of the station and to celebrate, a free comp album was released. The album is massive. 100+ bands submitted tracks to be included. Well over 11 hours.