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Review – Low Sonic Drift – Shadows of the Titan

Low Sonic Drift’s Shadows of the Titan isn’t a brand new album, it is a few years old but it offers a refreshing sound that is so similar but yet so different. Shadows of the Titan is a heavy mix of stoner metal and doom with some progressive metal parts to it.

After my first listen I wasn’t convinced this was a great album so I decided to listen again and again. It really grows on you after a few listens. It grew on me to the point that I think I have another album that I can turn to when I can’t figure out what I want to listen to. The music is thick. It’s heavy and it’s one of those albums where you’ll find yourself headbanging without realizing it. It’s doomy but really only because of how heavy it is. The progressive parts with the guitar sound great and at times make me think of early prog metal of the 80’s. (more…)