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Review: Whores – Ruiner

Atlanta stoner metal trio Whores has a name that is sure to offend some–but those who are left will take their post-hardcore noise-rock right in step. Brutal two-step, to be exact. I was hesitant at first, knowing this was a new project from Jake Shultz of Norma Jean, not having been the most fanatic fan of his old band, but I’m glad I suspended judgement long enough to hit play.

The first discordant, metallic hit of “Daddy’s Money” was enough to make me Whores’ newest and biggest fan. On this, their debut EP, the trio culls inspiration from bands like The Jesus Lizard, Jawbox and Harvey Milk, churning out deafening riffs and howling screams that can satisfy the heaviest bong-ripping metalhead and scare off those hippie friends who keep trying to get you to put on Blues for Allah.

Ruiner is a great sign of things to come for Whores. It’s only five songs in length, but each, in its own way, seems to represent what the band is best at (more…)


UNSANE Unleashes Brand New Song “Ghost”



     Legendary NYC rock powerhouse UNSANE has completed work on its long awaited new album, titled “WRECK“. The seventh full length recording of the band’s storied career will see a March 20, 2012 release date via Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles label. Today, Decibel premieres the brand new UNSANE track “Ghost“, noting that the song “perfectly captures the tension, brutality and nervy edge” of the band’s celebrated live performances. Check out the Decibel premiere of UNSANE‘s “Ghost” at this location! (more…)

Daily Bandcamp Album – Caligari – Clint Beastwood EP

Caligari have been consistently writing songs that encompass everything they love about the metal scene, whether it’s sludge, thrash, stoner, doom, or death… these guys love it all and strive not to be confined by any single genre’s sound. Their only goal is to write and perform songs that they themselves would want to listen to and, most importantly, have a hell of a good time doing it.